Right before I finished my student teaching, I decided to load some fabric up on Spike and play a little. For some crazy reason, I picked Kona White fabric and wait for it…BLACK Omni Thread. I think the stress of student teaching had finally gotten to my brain and I must have cracked just a little because I didn’t think about the fact that black on white would show EVERY SINGLE IMPERFECTION!  After I loaded up the fabric, I taped down my very first pantograph pattern and decided to give pantos a whirl. I learned a ton, but most importantly, I learned that I like doing pantographs, so this is a service I will start offering to my customers. Now remember loyal customers, this is my first ever try and your quilts will look far superior than this!

I plan to bind this and give it to Anne. She loves little quilts for her stuffies and she is very excited for it to become hers.  I guess, you could also say, that in addition to being a pantograph quilt design, it is also a whole cloth quilt. Maybe one day I will make a whole cloth quilt with a little more intention.

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  1. Susan says:

    Looks great to me! I think it’s a fine idea to make a stuffie quilt out of it. Bears and elephants and bunnies need quilts, too.

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