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When Quilts Come Home To Roost

I have had a couple of quilts gallivanting around the country hanging up in shows and two of them have recently come home permanently. At least I think it is permanently… This is Divergent. She has hung in 3 shows … Continue reading

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January Do Good Stitches

As many of you know, I feel very strongly about sewing for charity when and where I can. For the past several years I have been part of the Trust Circle of Do Good Stitches. It is an amazing group … Continue reading

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Basting – What’s your poison?

What are your thoughts on basting? Do you pin baste? Are you a spray baster? Are you lucky enough to have a long arm and no longer have to baste quilts? I go back and forth on the topic of … Continue reading

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Improv Weekend Sewing

This weekend I did some improv sewing.  Improv is hard for me, I like the control that a plan gives you. In some ways, improv sewing pushes me outside my comfort zone in the best possible way. I tried some … Continue reading

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Stacked Pyramids – First 2016 Finish

Here it is! My first finish of 2016. Now I can’t take full credit for this gorgeous quilt. It is my pattern of Stacked Pyramids, but the lovely ladies of the Trust Circle of Do Good Stitches made all but … Continue reading

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