Hi Everyone! I’m back!

Proof of Life!

It’s so good to be back in my studio and hanging out with Spike again. I’ve missed him terribly. I finished my student teaching last Friday. I was blessed to work with two amazing mentor teachers. In the fall I worked with an awesome 6th grade teacher, who is also a quilter! BONUS! In the winter, I did my 450 hour internship with an awesome 8th grade teacher who was so supportive. I learned so much from him and my incredible 8th graders, who I miss so very much! Shout out to my kiddos from Bush Middle School! While I wait for my university and the state to process my certifications, I am firing Spike up and getting back to work. I’ve got a stack of customer quilts a mile high!

This is the first one I will be working on. I’m told this gorgeous quilt will become a car seat cover. Lucky baby!

You will be seeing a lot more of me now that I’m done with student teaching. Now the job search begins, cross your fingers!

Have a great Wednesday!

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2 Responses to Survivor!

  1. Susan says:

    You know I’m really excited to see you back. You’d best make the most of your summer freedom, because once school starts (I know you’ll have a job!), it’s back to limited time again!

  2. Anja @ Anja Quilts says:

    Congratulations. And welcome back.

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