Make A List Monday

One of the blogs that I follow regularly, Confessions of a Fabric Addict does a regular Monday feature called “Make a List Monday”.  I decided that I would try it out. She does it to hold herself responsible for her projects and to see what she gets done. I have been following her for a couple of months now and decided that with everything I have on my plate these days this is a great idea!

This week – June 20 to June 27:

1. Finish my organization project for my fabric
2. Begin work on Part 2 of the QuiltMaker Mystery Quilt
3. Make an Apple Pie! – a late Father’s Day gift for my wonderful hubby 🙂

I know my list is kind of short this week, but they are all pretty big ticket items for me that require a lot of time and effort. Plus this weekend the hubby and I are going to install our new garage door opener, which is going to cut into any crafting time I may have.

Here is a sneaky peak at my organization project for the sewing room 🙂

What is on your list this week?

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