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Sorry there was no Work It Wednesday this week. I spent a good part of Tuesday in the ER, luckily my bff Sunni, was able to not only drive me there but also watch Anne while I was there with my hubby.  Good friends are hard to come by and I am blessed to have her in my life!

Yesterday I got a little sewing done but more housework than anything else. Today though I finished up a little organizational project for my sewing room.

I have a lot of yarn, kind of like I have a lot of fabric. Until today this is what the yarn “section” of my sewing room has looked like:

Kind of ugly and drab and not enough storage.  The basket on the left is holding my acrylic yarns, the middle basket is holding mixed fiber yarn, and the basket on the right is holding 100% wool yarn. I wanted them separate for projects like felting. I still needed something more though because I had another entire BOX of yarn that I couldn’t unpack!!!

This is what my yarn space looks like now:

Don’t you just LOVE my new totes?!? I followed this tutorial that I found on Whipstitch. I struggled a little bit with the directions as far as the “box” corners go, but in the end they turned out really well.  I had to change her measurements to fit my needs.  If you would like to know my measurements to fit my shelf just let me know in the comments and I will send them to you!

Here is a close up of my baskets, and yes I do know that the print is going the wrong direction…I meant to do that!!! (Not! I just didn’t think about the directionality of the print when cutting.)

And they are jam packed with my yarn! Woohoo for a clean and organized space, now I just need to get to work on the sewing cabinet, wait until you see what I have planned for it!!!

What tutorials have you followed lately, tell me in the comments 🙂

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