When Quilts Come Home To Roost

I have had a couple of quilts gallivanting around the country hanging up in shows and two of them have recently come home permanently. At least I think it is permanently…

Divergent - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comThis is Divergent. She has hung in 3 shows now and won one honorable mention and a judges choice ribbon on her travels. She came home today. I got some interesting feedback on her from the last show she was in. I entered her into the modern negative space category and the judges said that her quilting was not modern. Knowing how subjective the term modern is, I have not taken any offense to the comments, but do find them interesting. Divergent Quilt Back - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comThis is a back view of Divergent.

Divergent - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comAnd this is a close up.

I did the main quilted section as a Zentangle pattern that I love and I found it interesting that the judges would say it isn’t modern. To be honest, I don’t find it to be very traditional either. Judge feedback always makes me evaluate where I fit into the quilting world, and I’m beginning to realize that I fit in right here, as myself. No more putting boxes around my work and trying to fit into some preconceived notion.

From now on, I am simply Melissa – Quilter/Artist.

How do you define your work? Are you modern? Traditional? Mod-traditional? Or simply, yourself?



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13 Responses to When Quilts Come Home To Roost

  1. Perhaps they need new Judges!! I feel I lean more toward the modern, but I basically do what I like. I am a Quilter!!

  2. Michele Ward says:

    Your work is beautiful. It is their interpretation and nothing more.

  3. Susan Melvin says:

    You do beautiful art simply Melissa — Quilter/Artist.

  4. Andrea Franklin says:

    You’re right Melissa just be yourself. I think the quilting is very modern!

  5. Barb N says:

    It’s such a fine line between modern and traditional. I’m not sure that quilting style is anything traditional though? Seems like these days ‘modern’ is something that is totally expanding the box – a task that’s awfully difficult to keep up with. I think you’ve got the exact right idea to just be yourself. It’s more fun that way!

  6. Susan says:

    I’m amazed that they said that wasn’t modern. I always thought of it as modern. I loved it then, and I love it now. I don’t really label myself, but if someone did, they’d have to do it on a piece by piece basis. It’s funny that you could win a judges choice at one show and be told you aren’t modern at another one. That wasn’t the same show, was it? LOL

  7. Love your quilt and the quilting – very modern quilting!! I think that quilt shows need to have extremely detailed descriptions of what they are identifying as fitting in each of their categories and then need to educate the judges on the definitions being used to create each category! Yep, I’m just me, having fun with fabric, needle and thread!

  8. Vera says:

    This zentangle pattern is great! I love it no matter what the definition is 🙂

  9. Jo Ferguson says:

    I call that gorgeous, and yes it’s modern, to me.

  10. Linda says:

    So refreshing!

  11. Patti Winfield says:

    Where you are is exactly where you belong. As long as you stay true to your muse you are successful. You’re work is wonderful and an inspiration to many of us.

  12. Lovely quilt. Not sure how that quilting is not modern. I feel like modern is changing so much, that maybe they are unsure what modern is.

  13. bobbi dougherty says:

    It. Is. Stunning! I love it and totally think it is modern. It is subjective but I’ll say it – they are nuts, lol. I keep asking myself the same questions and find that I just have to let go of what other people are doing and do my own thing. I am much happier that way, and not as hard on myself too, lol. Thanks for sharing, it is mah-velous!

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