Take That Halloween Grinch!

This mama knows how to save Halloween for my little girl! Do you remember my post about the Halloween Grinch?  Well, I am happy to report that 3 days after writing the post I finished Anne’s new quilt. There were a couple changes I had to make to the pattern/kit. They provided backing fabric but it just wasn’t enough so I had to piece the backing myself. Not hard at all, and I think it makes the quilt all the more special. This is a picture heavy post, get ready!

Here’s Anne all cuddled under it about 5 seconds after I finished sewing on the binding! Instant gratification for this mama, I didn’t even have to ask if she liked it. LOL

Here she is getting ready for bed. I really like this back. The kit said to use just the orange pumpkin fabric that is at the top and the bottom, but I think the pieced look is more fun, plus I got to use almost all of my scraps.

  Here is a close up of one of the witches – for the most part I stuck to a meandering large stipple, going around the different characters on the fabric. Below is the center of the quilt, I just love the expressions on the pumpkin’s faces.

I wanted to try a different pattern for the borders – what better time to practice my FMQ skills than on a quilt for someone who will love it no matter what the quilting looks like?!?

Of course I couldn’t do a quilt this special and precious without doing a label. This quilt is from my mom and me, so I labeled it Love Nana & Mommy. Originally my mom bought the kit and gave it to me because I was bored and wanted something to sew. Then Anne fell in love with it and my mom decided that she should have it.

Quilt Stats:

Pattern: Harvest Moon – Kit by Northcott
Pieced & Quilted – By Melissa Dunworth (Me)
Thread – Rainbows #856 (it is a variegated orange and black thread perfect for Halloween) by Superior Threads
Batting – 100% Cotton Batting
Size – 38.5″ x 51″ (after washing)
Started Sept 2011, Finished October 13, 2013.

This quilt went a long way to rescue Halloween from the Halloween Grinch. A second trip to the pumpkin patch didn’t hurt either 🙂


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12 Responses to Take That Halloween Grinch!

  1. JLVerde says:

    It’s gorgeous!

  2. letitia loughridge says:

    Super cute!

  3. Patti McGarry says:

    I’m so happy for Anne! Beautiful quilt btw!

  4. BillieBee says:

    Your quilt turned out really cute and spooky!! 🙂 Anne is gorgeous! My daughters middle name is Anne spelled the same way.

  5. Lisa L. says:

    Beautiful quilt! Glad she loved it! 🙂

  6. Lori Smanski says:

    you did a very nice job. love how ann likes her new quilt. I also love the lady bug pillow she is on. Happy Halloween and all things blustery and fun.

  7. Susan says:

    It’s great, and I LOVE the back – just perfectly wonderful. Somehow I don’t think it will disappear into the closet or drawer on November 1, either! Great finish.

  8. Katy says:

    Looks like she’s all spooked up now 😀

  9. Michele W says:

    Can’t wait to cuddle with Anne under her new quilt! Love, Nana

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    Wow! That is really cute! She looks like she really likes it 🙂

  11. CeLynn says:

    Way to go mom! Happy Halloween 🙂

  12. Sarah says:

    It looks well loved which is the best kind of quilt! I really like it. We don’t really celebrate Halloween properly in Australia, but I like this fabric. It’s more cute rather than scary.

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