The Halloween Grinch

Did you know there is a Halloween Grinch? There may actually be more than one, in all likelihood there are probably multiple. The one in our neighborhood steals pumpkins from 3 year olds.  Yup, that’s right, the pumpkins we picked out on Saturday were gone by Monday afternoon. Someone waltzed onto our front porch, took 3 of our 5 pumpkins and smashed the sand dollar that we were sun bleaching. I felt terrible having to tell Anne, needless to say, she cried.

I decided that I had to make it up to her so I took out a project I started 2 years ago and got back to work on it. This is a kit my mom bought eons ago, it features the line “Harvest Moon” by Northcott. There is no date on the fabrics or the pattern, so if you know how old it is I would love to hear.  All that is left is the borders and quilting it. Hoping to finish it by the end of next week but we shall see…

Harvest Moon

The perfect quilt for the child who loves Halloween. As soon as she saw the top in its current state she asked if she could sleep with it. I told her she had to wait until it was at least quilted. We will hopefully go get new pumpkins this weekend and this time we will be decorating the back porch!


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13 Responses to The Halloween Grinch

  1. Poor Anne! People can be rotten. Thankfully, we haven’t encountered the Halloween Grinch in our new neighborhood – hopefully he’ll stay hidden this year.

  2. Jessica says:

    Rotten meanies!
    So glad this cheered her up a tad.
    PS Halloween is my favorite too!!!

  3. Kathleen says:

    Awww, that’s too bad and definitely mean! You remind me though of a grinch I caught one year, but I felt bad afterwards if you can believe it. I caught the kid sneaking under my window to take the pumpkin on the side porch. I ran out and yelled for him to bring it back. My reason was it was my daughter’s cooking pumpkin that she bought with the intent of making a pie. So that’s why I chased him down. He brought it back and I turned around to put it down again and saw a little tiny pumpkin in it’s place. The kid was just playing a little harmless prank in the neighborhood, switching pumpkins. I’ve always wanted to apologize to him for yelling at him because it was a harmless thing he was doing, but I never saw him again.

  4. Lori Smanski says:

    your quilt is turning out beautiful. I’m so sorry about your pumpkins and sand dollar. We had that happen one year also. My two kiddos spent a lo of time and fun painting these pumpkins. They were so proud of them. At the time ages: 6 and 3 It was a bunch of teenagers that did it to a bunch of houses. They were caught. Some one called the police, caught them in the act and took pictures. From that point on we decorated the back yard also. They got rather creative with it all.

  5. Susan says:

    It’s hard to believe people can be so cruel. That was completely senseless. I hope you get another trip to the beach and find an even better sand dollar. I’m so glad you had this quilt to finish for her.

  6. Jeifner says:

    It makes me so sad that people would do that. Grrr. I hope Anne feels better.

  7. CeLynn says:

    Grrr is right,mean people suck. Love the special quilt you are working on for Anne,have fun decorating the back porch!

  8. Jacque (aka Snoodles) says:

    Aww, I bet she’ll have fun decorating the back porch! 🙂 Cute Halloween quilt!

  9. Katy says:

    I suspect it was bored teens, but I’m sure the back porch will be bigger and better 🙂

  10. Judy says:

    That is so sad that people cannot leave your decorations alone. I had just been telling my daughter yesterday that I had a clay flower pot taken from the front of my house one time but they left the saucer that went with it. Because of that I no longer put anything that is decorative that I would feel bad about if stolen in front of my house. It is nice that you had a beautiful Halloween quilt to make for her and that she loves it.

  11. I cannot believe someone would steal your pumpkins. Poor Annemarie! Hopefully she will have fun going and picking out pumpkins again for the back porch. Sorry somebody spoiled it for you guys.

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