Dear Daddy

I have no sewing to show you today. I had another eye appointment yesterday and they dilated my eyes and did some tests I would love to never have again, unfortunately I will have them again this time next year.  I wasn’t going to blog at all until this morning my amazing daughter, Anne, she is turning 3 next Monday, started “reading” a letter she “wrote” to her daddy. After the 3rd time of her saying it, I finally ran and grabbed my video camera. Let me be clear, I did not teach her this and I did not rehearse this with her, she did this all on her own….

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15 Responses to Dear Daddy

  1. Jessica says:

    ((Hugs)) Love it!!!

  2. Lisa L. says:

    Such a sweet baby she is! 🙂 Love it! 🙂

  3. Debbe says:

    AWWW! She is so sweet. Her daddy probably can’t stop that tear in his eye with that one.

  4. Carrie P. says:

    she is so adorable.

  5. Sondra says:

    Anne always makes my day…she is so precious. What a gift she is to you and Aaron…as you both are to her.
    Thank you, Melissa, for sharing this very, very special moment. Tears in my eyes.
    XXXXXXX Sondra

  6. Lori Smanski says:

    adorable. clearly she adores her daddy. that is so very cool. good for the both of you.

  7. Cal says:

    So sweet! Precious, I am glad you got it on tape, you will treasure it!

  8. Andrea says:

    Wise mama…keep that camera (phone) handy for these so very precious moments! Happy Birthday, Anne!

  9. CeLynn says:

    Making Memories,is one of the Perks in life! Thanks so much for sharing Melissa 🙂 You/Anne put a smile on my face,and made me think of when mine were that age!

  10. Gene Black says:

    Sweet! Daddy will love it.

  11. Katy says:

    Aww, bless! Sure he loved it too 🙂

  12. Susan says:

    How cute! I’m so glad you caught that on tape, so he can see it, and hear it with the letter. When I was teaching, the children always knew what they wrote, even if I couldn’t read the spelling, or there were no spaces between the words, or whatever they wrote. =)

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