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I am posting my bee blocks early this month for Do.Good Stitches. I know you are probably a bit surprised as I usually don’t post blocks until much later in the month. Well, this month is a bit different than any other month. This month I am the quilter for my circle. I asked my amazing sewing mates to make wonky log cabin blocks in Blues and greens with pops of Orange and White. Two of the wonderful ladies have already finished their blocks and it is only the 6th!!! I got my blocks done last night. Here they are:

This will be my fourth boy quilt and I have to say I am really excited about it. I do so much little girl stuff, something about having a little girl kind of makes that happen, which is why I wanted to make a boy quilt this time around.

What is everyone else up to?


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14 Responses to Trust Circle – Do.Good Stitches

  1. Lisa L. says:

    Love the fabrics in these blocks! I am finishing a cape tonight, for my little man’s birthday! 🙂

  2. Jannette says:

    I’m working on blocks for “Sandy” survivors who have lost everything. Hope to get them in the mail today…

  3. Lisa C says:

    Great color choices. I’ll have to remember this for my nephews. A nice change from red, white and blue which is what I tend to think of.

  4. Sondra says:

    adorable block….love the fabrics and the center blocks!!!!!

  5. Debbe says:

    Love them. I can’t wait to see them all together.

  6. Judy Blinkenberg says:

    Your blocks are so nice! The center draws you to itself. Thank you for sharing them. I look forward to the finished quilt. It could be an I Spy quilt.

  7. Lisa McGriff says:

    So cute! I have applied for Do Good Stitches and am hoping to hear that I got in at some point!

  8. CeLynn says:

    Super cute blocks!

  9. Susan says:

    I love your wonky blocks! They are great, and a boy will love this. Actually, a girl would love it, too! I’m still trying to finish my second Fading Charms for American Hero quilts, and I have another 5-6 projects lined up behind that.

  10. Barb N says:

    I am doing a Christmas bizarre Dec. 1 and through a series of circumstances, don’t have nearly enough ‘product’ to display. So I am frantically sewing, sewing, sewing, quilting in every spare second. Only 3 weeks to go, with a major holiday thrown in there. What was I thinking?!?!

  11. Snoodles says:

    Love these blocks!

  12. Katy says:

    Just catching up now I’m home! Love Anne’s costume and the pics are so cute, great job on the pillow cases, and the blocks should be fun to put together, although I’m about to buck the trend and make my dad a quilt from Indie, which has lots of pink in it! I love my ruler grip too 🙂

  13. Andrea says:

    I really do love these blocks, Melissa! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt. Love Wonky Log Cabins and this color combo.

  14. marjorie says:

    I love getting new pjs …thanks for the giveaway

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