Tuesday To Do

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I am the kind of person who needs lists. I like to be able to cross things off and feel as though I accomplished things.

Here is my October list – the crossed off things have already been completed this month – everything else is in the category of “Git ‘Er Done!”

  1. Sew Bee Blissful Blocks
  2. Do. Good Stitches Blocks
  3. Christmas Block Swap Block
  4. Block Swap Adventures Block
  5. Simply Delightful Purse – sewn
  6. Simply Delightful Pattern
  7. Halloween (bag & tutorial) guest post for Creating My Way to Success
  8. 6 blocks for Christmas Sampler – 10 Tutorials
  9. Cut my charm squares for Christmas Charm Swap
  10. Bottled Rainbows Blocks (these don’t all have to happen in October:
    1. Indigo
    2. Ocean
    3. Teal
    4. Turquoise
    5. Grass
    6. Moss
    7. Lime
    8. Mustard
    9. Tangerine
    10. Pumpkin
    11. Ruby
    12. Raspberry
    13. Petal
    14. Cerise
    15. Eggplant
    16. Plum
  11. Stocking Tutorial for Stocking Drive at Purple Panda Quilts (actually due November 8)

It is a big list, but if I do a little bit each day I will be good to go I think!  I also have 4 quilts that I want to finish before Christmas!  We shall see!

Today is the last day to enter the Intrepid Thread Giveaway – it ends tonight at midnight!

What is on your list?


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2 Responses to Tuesday To Do

  1. Lisa L. says:

    That is quite the list!! Good luck and hope you get it all done! I finally finished a quilt today that should have been done last night (were it not for broken sewing machine needles– but at least a lesson was learned!) Now through Friday will be preparing things for my sweet little princess’s First Birthday! 🙂

  2. CeLynn says:

    My list is also long,don’t know if I will have time to post it tho! Baked 9 dozen cookies this evening,most of them will be shipped off to my son 🙂

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