Five Minute Friday

I thought I would try something new on today. I ran across this post on Quaint and Quirky and liked the idea of a quick post that would let you know a little about myself. I think the main reason I liked it though was that it looks back across 30 years of life and I am turning 30 in less than a month, egads!

1 year ago: I was missing my husband badly but loving watching my 6 month old experience new things in her growing world.

2 years ago: I was 4 months pregnant and pretty sick. My husband and I were picking out names for our baby and we had decided to not find out the gender.

4 years ago: I was freshly engaged and starting to plan my wedding, I had 4 months to plan it and my fiance was stationed in Germany. If it wasn’t for my parents help we probably would have gotten married at City Hall (which wouldn’t have been bad, just not what we had in mind).

5 years ago: I was starting to climb the ladder at my corporate marketing job. I loved traveling for business and spending my free time visiting my friends in Southern California.  I was getting ready to turn 25 in style in Hawaii.

10 years ago: I was finishing up my junior year of college at Santa Clara University and getting ready to spend the summer working and taking classes towards my Master’s Degree (which as of today is only half finished).

20 years ago: I was finishing fourth grade and getting ready to start fifth grade. I was NOT looking forward to a summer in Day Care, but I knew I couldn’t complain about it.

30 years ago:  I was getting ready to be born! My mom was 7.5 month pregnant with me, and I think by now they would have picked the date for her c-section.

What do you think? Do you like Five Minute Friday?  How about you? Where were you 1, 2, 4, 5 10, 20, 30 years ago?

The original idea for Five Minute Friday is from this blog:

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