What is a Fat Quarter worth?!?

My husband calls me a hoarder, I resent this, I feel I am more of a collector.

I collect beautiful yarns, fabrics, ribbons, clothes, shoes…well you get the idea.

I have amassed quite a collection of fat quarters since I started quilting 10 years ago.

This is just a small sample of the collection. Needless to say I have to figure out some way to use them or my husband will have a coronary!

The question I had to ask myself was: What can you get out of a fat quarter?

Well, for all you quilters, here is the answer!

Fat Quarter Squares:
99 – 2″ Squares or
50 – 2.5″ Squares or
42 – 3″ Squares or
30 – 3.5″ Squares or
20 – 4″ Squares or
16 – 4.5″ Squares or
12 – 5.5″ Squares or
9 – 6″ Squares or
6 – 6.5″ Squares
Now that is just squares!  Imagine what other shapes you could get out of your fat quarters.
I am so excited I might just have to go make a few blocks from the 50 fat quarters pictured above.
Are you inspired to do something with your stash? Do you want to do something with mine?  Leave a comment on any post this week for a chance to win this fat quarter!  It is from the Fat Quarter Queen -Cindy Surina – Custom Creations. I purchased this 9 years ago at the same time I purchased my sewing machine at the Pacific International Quilting Fest in Santa Clara, CA.
Now get sewing!!

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53 Responses to What is a Fat Quarter worth?!?

  1. Bright Angel says:

    That is quite the stash!!!! You simply must make something out of all those lovely purples and blues!

  2. Catherine says:

    I'm a fabric hoarder. I gave myself the title…and my husband doesn't argue against it. 😉 I don't have too many fat quarters {yet}, but it's pretty interesting to see what I could make from them.

  3. Denny1600 says:

    I'm almost always doing something with my stash. I have in mind to do a scrap quilt, but I want something to unify it throughout. And the pretty sparkly light blue fabric in the photo is just gorgeous!

  4. Linda P. says:

    I am making a yo-yo quilt and I figure it is going to take more than 1000 to cover my bed~! I could use those fat quarters for circles !

  5. Anne says:

    If my husband questions my stash…I tell him…I am a "fabric manipulation engineer" so I need the raw materials to work with(as well as the tools!) That's my story, and I am stickin' to it!

  6. Nicole says:

    I love fat quarters! I used to make dressed for my daughter using 2 of 'em and now they are shirts! lol I have made wallets, tea wallets, purses, skirts a rag quilt and so many other things! Love fat quarters and hubby just shakes his head and mumbles under his breath when I get more!

  7. Linda says:

    Fat qtrs are wonderful and who says you have to use them to enjoy them. I like them becasue I like scrappy quilts and they are an easy way to get many different fabric sfor a quilt. Now that fat qtr you show, if I won it, would be used in a Monet painting quilt that I'm making for my daughter the "artist". She a true awarding winning artist.

  8. SFMama says:

    I keep acculumating fabric for various projects I have in mind… My husband has not yet said anything about my stash, but I keep waiting for the day. Pretty soon I'm going to have to produce some products to keep him quiet.

  9. Laura Emmons says:

    I know some people will groan but any material in my house at the moment is turning into scrap monsters http://lauraemmons.blogspot.com/2011/02/collection-of-scrap-monsters-is-growing.html
    I just can't seem to help myself. The collection is growning at an alarming rate. 🙂 So if I won this wonderful material it would be fair game.

  10. Anya says:

    I love adding to my stash. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Loralynn says:

    For starters, I have a purse that I can make with just 3 fat quarters, here's a link to just one of the many that I have made: http://loralynnsart.blogspot.com/2009/07/day-to-move-yard.html I also want to make a scrappy, yet co-ordinated quilt with some of the ones I have been saving. Lovely fabric you are giving away!

  12. robin says:

    Good to know! Thanks! And thanks for the giveaway chance!

  13. Moon_Child says:

    What a stash. My mom and I have a saying she who dies with the most wins. What she wins exactly we don't know yet. I think that all the colors are beautiful and the fat quarter you are giving away is to die for. I belong to an online yahoo group called StitchMAP and we teach people different techniques, one of which is a fabric weaving class. That fat quarter would look good as the base for the fabric weaving. I would love to be entered into your drawing. Thank you for this lovely opportunity.


  14. PJ says:

    Melissa, it is my firm belief that one can never have too much money nor too much fabric. Cindy's fabric is beautiful, and it would make a fantastic sky for a tall ship quilt that I am making…

  15. royce says:

    i love different kinds of fabrics
    would love to have this

  16. Shari says:

    I believe we all need more SEX (Stash Enhancement Xperiences!) Tell your husband that! It should make him happy, lol. I would love to take that fat quarter off your hands and put it to use. Thanks for the chance.

  17. Deb says:

    I love to collect things too! Thanks for the chance!

  18. suzukisinger says:

    I've just bought my first bunch of fat quarters.
    I can barely sew in straight lines, let alone with 3/4 inch seams but I have a cutting board and it's time to learn!
    Looking for inspiration and Colours all over the place and it's lovely to see someone so passionate about their art!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Dory Jane says:

    I love fat-quarters bought from an event
    sewing + reminiscing = happiness

  20. karmaperdiem says:

    I'm a "fat" hoarder and proud of it!

  21. Bella says:

    I don't have any fat quarters yet because I just started sewing. I haven't done any quilting yet, but it's on my list of things to do! I have a LOT of t-shirts that I've collected from various events just screaming to be made into quilts.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the chart. I like that it's collecting NOT hoarding. I'm going with that! 🙂

  23. annette says:

    My motto is "She who dies with the most fabric will most certainly go to heaven!"
    I like your way of thinking too.
    Remember, you can always make "scrap" quilts out of your fat quarters.

  24. Sassy says:

    I am brand spankin' new to sewing, I just got a brand new sewing machine a couple of weeks ago for a bridal shower gift from my aunts and I'm loving it!! I had never heard of a fat quarter before, I'll have to check that out! Thank you, Sally M.

  25. Davis Ohana says:

    Thanks so much for the break down of squares in a fat quarter. I have walked by these @ Jo-Anns and wondered…what would I do with this small piece of fabric? I would love to just pick up a few and throw something together. :o) Thanks for opening my eyes to something different. So much to learn and love about fabric!

  26. vwestermeyer says:

    I love fabric!! I agree it is more of collecting

  27. Pam says:

    I thought I was a hoarder…I mean collector. I belong to a group called Stitchmap and we do crazy quilting on there and this would be a great piece for a crazy quilt block. Thanks for the chance to win. You do a lot of nice things on your blog. Thanks,Pam

  28. Nancy says:

    Beautiful fabric! I love the metallic gold with the blue and purplish mottling. I love fat quarters. They're so much fun to make small totes and small projects with, and they cost a whole lot. Thanks for the fat quarter squares chart and for the chance to win!

  29. Wendy says:

    I love fat quarters and have quite a stash too! I think this one would be very at home in my chest of drawers!!

  30. Mimi says:

    This chart is awesome and I am saving it because it will save a lot of time when I need to figure something like this out! Thanks for sharing this information!

  31. Courtney says:

    I LOVE fat quarters, I have been attaching them to cloth diapers and the front of my diaper bags… (I am pretty sure that ALL of my friends are having babies!!! )

  32. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the great information! I am in the process of tidying up my sewing room and I am dying to be done so I can start sewing again. You have a nice range of colors in that picture and they should play nicely together in a quilt.=)

  33. Mike L. McDonald says:

    I shipped several hundred pounds of Mom's fabric stash to Kathy when Mom downsized her home. Kathy has the downstairs as " Sewing World " with one room just for fabric and notions 🙂

  34. Vena Oliver says:

    I just say that my stash helps to decorate my sewing room! then they leave me alone…
    I already have an idea for that little honey, thanks!

  35. Kathy Hamann says:

    I love fabric squares. I make quilted purses and quilts. Fun Giveaway.

  36. Amy says:

    I don't have many fat quarters yet but I do other fabric! Love the info on how many squares you can get out of a fat quarter.

  37. Anonymous says:

    ooo pretty. i love using them to make small pillows.

    ebbtide45 at yahoo com

  38. Connie says:

    Pretty — I'm thinking CQ.

  39. Phyllis says:

    Thanks so much for the chart….I've always wondered why it's called a "fat" quarter…and I'm pretty new at quilting…
    Hope I win the pretty quarter this week! It's pretty special!

  40. Barbara says:

    What a beautiful piece of fabric. A good starting point for that purse pattern I bought

  41. crafter1953 says:

    That is a lot of FQ and still more we don't see. Thanks for the info on squares.Thanks for the giveaway and hope your week go well.

  42. Glenda says:

    I too am not a hoarder, I just buy things like fabric as a hobby. LOL Well Mr husband has said many times I must use what I have before I buy anything else. Of course I can't do that b/c what I have doesn't fit in with what I have in mind thus I must continue my buying streak. LOL
    Anyway the moral of the story is you never know when you will need that "specific" piece of material so you best keep on buying until you figure it out.
    What a stash you have. Who doesn't love beautiful fabrics? Love your post on how many squares it takes to make up a fat quarter.

  43. Mary says:

    WOW! Is that metallic fabric? I love it!



  44. Garilyn says:

    Thank you for the break down of squares you can get out of a fat quarter. I like cutting 6 inch squares and making disappearing nine patches.

  45. claire2810 says:

    This is my first trip to this site and it's happened today because of Craft Gossip. Now i have found it i will be returning.

  46. rosemaryschild says:

    Great stuff, I am a hoarder! See a piece I absolutely LUV, its mine! Thanks for this great giveaway-very pretty & exciting!

  47. Anonymous says:

    You can NEVER have enough stash! Thank you for the chance to have more. And if you want to get rid of any of your stash in purples and blues, just call me!
    Christy botm2@yahoo.com

  48. Rachel says:

    I actually do not have any fat quarters but do have quite a stash of fabrics I pick up at the thrift stores for $1.00 a piece (so I can't resist!).
    mnrridgeway at gmail dot com.

  49. Laurie in Maine says:

    Googled FAT QUARTER QUILTS looking for ideas on what to do with my precious few… how can I resist an offer to collect one more? 🙂

  50. Karen says:

    Gorgeous piece of fabric!! Tell hubby he has lots of company out here: husbands of hoarders of fabric!!! LOL

  51. karmicraft says:

    Please tell your husband whomever dies with the most fabrics and embellishments wins. I am sure this will delight him. I am a crazy quilter who would love to use that fat quarter in one of my crazy quilts.

  52. MosaicMagpie says:

    Happy to be called a fabric hoarder as well. Who knows when inspriation will strike and I will have just the fabric to create with at my fingertips……or at the next fabric shop!

  53. Cathy T. says:

    I laughed through this entire post; and can echo just about every comment.
    I am definitely a hoarder, and not just fabric; but also a lifelong woodworker. My husband, “the builder”, doesn’t like to keep anything much less than full “building scale” pieces. I use small pieces to create useful things for my sewing room and elsewhere. Pick yourself up a little “lazy susan” ring, then next time you see a great little wooden holder (think silverware or paint brushes)…slap a ring on the bottom and you have a rotating gadget holder. I keep scissors, rotary cutters, pencils etc. Ace hardware has the 4″ diameter for about $1, Amazon has a lot too.
    How many tubs of fabric do I have…20+. As many have said before, it’s a collection. You don’t expect coin collectors to “spend” their collection do you?

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