Still Alive and Quilting

I’ve been gone for a long time. I haven’t really been gone, I just haven’t been blogging. There are a whole lot of reasons why, but I’m not going to go into them. If you know, you know, the end. The important thing is that I am back.

Today I had a snow day from work, perk of being a teacher. Well, it’s a perk today, in June, when our school year gets extended, it will feel less like a perk. I spent the day finishing up a quilt on my long arm. This one is a panel, I am sort of obsessed with these panels. I have now done 5 digitally printed Dream Big Panels.

Dream Big Panels – quilted by yours truly.

Today I finished my first Dahlia Dazzle Quilt. This panel is slightly larger at 60×60. It is fresh off the longarm, so it isn’t bound yet, but I couldn’t resist posting it here for the world to see.

I learned how to use a new ruler while doing this one, the circles get better the closer you get to the bottom right corner. They are clearly a work in progress at the top left.

Back side of the quilt

People often ask me how long these take to do, but I am honestly quite terrible at tracking. Drawing the designs out in Procreate took me at least 2-3 hours and the quilting was at least 10.

That’s all for now, I am hoping this will become a more regular habit again.

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