Do Good Stitches – Wonky Starry Night Quilt

I am so excited to say that I have finished a quilt! This one was assembled with blocks made from the oh so talented ladies of the Do Good Stitches Trust Circle. I asked the ladies to use solid blues and whites to create wonky star blocks and they did such a beautiful job (as always!).  This particular quilt has be actually quilted since March…but I really struggle to bind quilts so sadly it languished a bit in my “to bind” pile. I decided this week that it was ridiculous and unfair to everyone who helped make it and got my rear in gear! You may even remember my super angry concentration face (I’m not grumpy, I promise!) in this blog post.

Wonky Starry Night - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comI decided since the entire top was solid that I would use a very nice blue and white print for the binding. I like the fun contrast. This quilt will be donated to a child in the Foster Care System which is the group that Trust Circle sews for.

Have a happy and healthy Monday everyone!


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5 Responses to Do Good Stitches – Wonky Starry Night Quilt

  1. Kaholly says:

    Very, very nice! I’m doing ‘the binding’ thing today, as I just can’t put it off any longer, so I know the feeling.

  2. It’s awesome. I love all the different blues. Kudos for pulling it out of the pile. I’d do binding over FMQ any day!!

  3. Michele says:

    Your heart and quilt are beautiful!!!

  4. Jo Ferguson says:

    What a lovely finish and such a good cause to donate too.

  5. Susan says:

    I think the binding was an inspired choice. I love the way the sunlight hits the top of the quilt. What a perfect post. That sounds like a great group to sew with. I always love the blocks you show for it. I usually bind when something is finished – within a week. Otherwise, who knows how long it will sit there since I hate binding!

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