Teacher Appreication Gifts

Do you make Teacher Appreciation Gifts? I have a million ideas running through my head and I thought I would share a few with you.

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Journal Covers from Stitched In Color

Image courtesy of Ariane Quilts

I was thinking I could also make some mug rugs, the images above are to simply show what I mean by mug rugs, I wouldn’t make these exact ones – though these are lovely!

Do you make Teacher Appreciation and year end gifts?

I made them last year and I know the teachers loved the. I am thinking if I do mug rugs I might do ticker tape mug rugs and let Anne pick out fabrics that remind her of her teachers and include a small starbucks gift card and a coffee mug with each one. We have like 7 teachers to sew for though, which is CRAZY!

Happy Friday!


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4 Responses to Teacher Appreication Gifts

  1. My daughter is a junior in high school now, so not too many teacher gifts anymore. She did have me make cup koozies on the reusable Starbucks cards for a few of her teachers as Christmas gifts this year. I made them in black and red their school colors. I did make my yummy blondie bars for their teacher appreciation luncheon this week. I am also a teacher and all gifts are greatly appreciated!

  2. Susan says:

    Seven! Wow. I did make some when the boys were in Elementary. I received a few over the years, and it was always really lovely to get anything at all. I’m sure a mug rug and a $1 mug would be so appreciated!

  3. Kay says:

    These are great ideas. I used to be a teacher, in England the most common presents are chocolates and flowers so these would be most welcome alternatives. x

  4. Michele says:

    Great ideas – something from the heart. Thank you for sharing!

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