Working on my Free Motion Quilting

This past week I have been working on a mini quilt for a birthday club I am in.  This one is special because the person I am sewing for is a long arm quilter. Ahhhh! I hope my FMQ is up to snuff! Here is the back of my quilt. It is a rainbow octagon of my own design.  I’m pebbling and doing some straight-ish lines.

Rainbow Octagon Quilting - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comSince I am planning to bind this by turning the backing to the front I stitched the label onto the backing.  Hoping that decision doesn’t turn out to be a bad one!

Happy Friday and don’t forget that Sunday the Finishes Party opens for February A Lovely Year of Finishes!!


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8 Responses to Working on my Free Motion Quilting

  1. Sarah says:

    Looks awesome so far!

  2. Susan says:

    That looks great! You do wonderful FMQ, anyone would be happy to have it. I’m still hand quilting my ALYOF, so I’ll probably slide under the wire – if I make it! LOL

  3. Katy says:

    I’m sure she will appreciate all the effort you’ve gone to, it’s looking great

  4. Jayne Willis says:

    It looks amazing! I wanna see the front!!

  5. Michele says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see the front!

  6. Barb N says:

    I think your long arm friend will love this! No worries.

  7. Kaholly says:

    You’re brave! But somehow I have a feeling it will turn out perfectly! Am loving it! I want to see more!

  8. Vera says:

    Oh looking good! Can’t wait to see some more!

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