Crossed Diamond Block Tutorial

Hi Everyone. Wow! Two posts in a row, that is a record for me lately!
I am guest posting on the blog for my guild, South Sound Modern Quilt Guild today with a fun block tutorial.  I am sure there are multiple names for this block but I don’t feel like busting out my Quilt Block Encyclopedia (yes I have one) to look up the names, so I am calling it the Crossed Diamond block.

Crossed Diamond Block Tutorial -

Head on over to the SSMQG Blog to check the tutorial out!



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4 Responses to Crossed Diamond Block Tutorial

  1. Susan says:

    Great block, name works for me! I like the fabrics you chose. You are one artist who can make me appreciate modern fabrics. =)

  2. Michele says:

    Love the block – makes me smile.

  3. Jeifner says:

    I like the looks of it 🙂

  4. Katy says:

    Oh I think I saw this somewhere else in my marathon blog catch up today. Don’t think they had a name for it either lol

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