A Lovely Year of Finishes – Survey Update

A Lovely Year of FinishesSo far the response to the survey we have up for A Lovely Year of Finishes that I am co-hosting with Shanna has been fantastic.

We super appreciate this feedback as we decide if we’re up to hosting this group again the new year.

 If you haven’t already…fill out the survey here.

There have been some items that we wanted to address along the way.

These are now added to the Q&A page

Q. Can international people participate?

A. Yes, yes, and yes. If our sponsors have mailed us the prizes, we mail them out and just request some assistance with shipping.  If you are unable to obtain your winnings – please contact us!  We have other prizes that can be substituted.

Q. Is there a different drawing for those that completed all their goals?

A. Yes, this will be the final link-up to be held January 1-7, 2014 We’ve set the minimum number of projects to 6 completed projects to enter into this “extra” drawing.

Q. I have a quilty shop and would love to be part of the sponsors, who do I contact?

A. Please email either Melissa (melissa {at} sewbittersweetdesigns {dot} com) or Shanna (fiberofallsorts {at} gmail {dot} com)

*There could a special giveaway for people who completed all their goals – maybe some suggestions of sponsors of this would be rocking*

Just as a reminder that we’re just to two quilters that are running this. We’ve obtained no compensation from the sponsors, we’ve actually gone seeking them out.  We are doing this purely for the fun of it and to encourage ourselves and others to get stuff DONE!

 And then we’ve put in our own funds to send out the prizes some sponsors sent to our doorstep.  We actually didn’t anticipate this happening and are so thankful some people have assisted and donated a little to the shipping costs for them to get prizes.

 Everyone has been so awesome while we grow and learn what we’re doing. If there has been a concern with anything remember we aren’t privy to that information unless you tell us.

Help us know if you want this project again.

 And the October goal setting link is open till the 7th.  This is a requirement to be eligible for prizes.  You can find that linky in this post.

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2 Responses to A Lovely Year of Finishes – Survey Update

  1. Missy says:

    I know it has helped me to get stuff done, although I only qualified for the drawing once this year since it was the only time I finished my goal for the month. LOL

  2. Susan says:

    Did the survey. I think you’ve done a great job!

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