Getting Crazy

This weekend I finished up the center for my Crazy & Twisted Quilt. I am so excited to send this out and see what the ladies in my group do with it!

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this quilt grows and changes over the next year! I still have some more quilting to do before I send it off but I’m officially really excited about this quilt!

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7 Responses to Getting Crazy

  1. Lisa L. says:

    I love this! 🙂

  2. Katy says:

    This is the fun part, setting what you made free to take fabulous twists and turns 🙂

  3. Flying Blind says:

    Awesome center-piece xxx

  4. shirley says:

    I hope I can do it justice

  5. Sarah says:

    These jewel tones in this pattern are fabulous! Exciting start 😉

  6. Susan says:

    I’m itching to take needle and thread to this and embellish all those seams! The center block would look great with some added lace motifs and silk ribbon embroidery bouquets, vines, spider webs. LOL It just begs for some crazy quilting!

  7. CeLynn says:

    Love,love,love your crazy center piece! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

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