A New Friend

Normally when an old friend leaves your life, the hole they leave behind is generally impossible to fill. No one is a perfect fit, no gets you quite like they did. It is just never quite the same.  Well this time, I am happy to say that my new friend is a really great fit and believe it or not, an improvement to my old friend!

Wow, I bet I sound pretty callous huh? Well, don’t get offended just yet, I’m talking about my new iron! When I got my first sewing machine in 2002 I also bought my first iron. It was a Rowenta and served me quite faithfully until yesterday morning when I went to press my binding strips!  She just wouldn’t turn back on. I don’t know if I was mad or sad at first, after all, we had been together for 11 long years. Anne and I rushed out, because quilting waits for no one, and I bought a new iron. I decided to go with a Rowenta again because you just can’t knock a brand that worked so well for 11 years, through tons of abuse (including being dropped on a hardwood floor more than once).

I was a tad skeptical at first if I would love my new Ro as much as my old one, but believe it or not I love her even more! And I will tell you why. It is because of that pointed extended tip you see in the picture. It is truly perfect for pressing seams open, which I always do when sewing my binding strips together.  Holy moly, she works so well!

So now you have met Ro, and thanks to her my binding strips are now done. I hope you have a great Tuesday!

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7 Responses to A New Friend

  1. Debbe says:

    What a beautiful new friend. I love the shade of blue 🙂 mine is grey and not as pointy.

  2. Lisa L. says:

    Looks like a great replacement! 🙂

  3. OMG we are twins! I’ve had mine for a bit and well I do love it. I didn’t want to . . but she’s a keeper.

  4. barb price says:

    too funny, lol. what’s really funny is i just got my first Rowenta yesterday, surprise from hubby (and my Amazon wishlist). i’ve never had this brand before but it looks promising and i too love the nicely pointed tip.

  5. Katy says:

    So glad it was love at first sight…

  6. Susan says:

    Please report to us again in a few months. I’ve tried so many, and am very hopeful for the T-fal I bought and love.

  7. CeLynn says:

    Pleased to meet you Ro 😉 Heres to many happy years of pressing!

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