The Start of Something New

Are you a bit Crazy & Twisted?

Some of my friends would say that I am 🙂  I’m ok with that because you know what…I am!

If you are too you should head on over to Fiber of All Sorts! I have teamed up with Shanna again to start a new online quilting bee of sorts. This one is a little different, it goes about it outside the norm. Instead of your typical blocks or rows or rounds we are doing things a bit crazy and a little twisted.

Here is a sneak peak at what we are thinking of creating!

1. Emily’s Round Robin Quilt, 2. The Traveling Quilts Bee – Round 4, 3. Improvi-Robin #1 front, 4. birds eye 1, 5. The Traveling Quilts Bee – Round 7, 6. QUILTCON ~ Improv Round Robin 02, 7. QUILTCON ~ Improv Round Robin 00, 8. QUILTCON ~ Improv Round Robin 11, 9. QUILTCON ~ Improv Round Robin 13

So if you are a little bit crazy and maybe a bit twisted too – go check out Shanna’s blog and see if you are interested in joining us on a new quilting adventure! To join this bee, you must have prior swapping or bee experience.

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5 Responses to The Start of Something New

  1. Jacque (aka Snoodles) says:

    What an inspiring group of quilts!

  2. Lisa L. says:

    What fun quilts!! 🙂

  3. Carrie P. says:

    wow! those are so very interesting and very dramatic looking quilts.

  4. Katy says:

    Oh I’ll admit I started filling in the form, and then I got a grip and realised how little time I have lol I look forward to seeing what you all do though 🙂

  5. Meegan says:

    Oh my goodness! These are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing-I love them all!!

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