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Plum and June

I’m so excited to be hosting the Let’s Get Acquainted Monday Link Up Party this week! Thank you so much Beth for asking me to host! If you haven’t been to Plum and June before, you need to visit! Beth is incredibly talented and she was the mind behind last year’s incredibly fun and successful Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop.

I wasn’t quite sure what to write about when I sat down to write this post. I found Beth’s hop along when it was about a month into it last year, I quickly joined and had so much fun visiting all of the other newbie bloggers out there. I’ve now been blogging for just over 2 years and designing for about the same amount of time. One of the things I have been focused on this year is FINISHES! Last year I was talking to my friend Shanna from Fiber of All Sorts and we both realized that we were always talking about Works in Progress but never about Finishes, we decided to change that! This year Shanna and I have been hosting A Lovely Year of Finishes and I can proudly say I have had one finish for each month this year!

Since I blogged about my big finish for May yesterday, I thought I would show what I have been working on all week, bee blocks for my sampler hive in the 3×6 hive. The block design is an original and there will be a tutorial for it later this week. If you like it, I hope you will come back!

I love doing bees as it forces me to work with color combo’s I would have never previously considered and I generally fall in love with the new combinations. Are you the same way?

Now it is your turn! Show us what you have been working on this week!

1. Link up any recent sewing/quilting post.
2. In your post or on your blog, please include either a text link or a button letting people know about this link up and link it back to this post.
3. Visit at least the two bloggers who link up before you and everyone who visits you from this post.
4. When the link tool asks for your name, enter your favorite color to use in a quilt. I lean towards blues.


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19 Responses to Let’s Get Acquainted Link Up

  1. Connie says:

    What neat blocks Melissa!!

  2. So pretty! Looking forward to your tutorial.

  3. Lisa L. says:

    Excited to make a block like this of my own! They are very pretty! 🙂

  4. I agree about stretching your color comfort zone with bee blocks. I was inspired by a bee block in citrus colors to create a summer dress for my daughter. You never know where inspiration will strike!

  5. Beth says:

    That is such a cute block – I like how different it looks in each of the fabrics. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Pat says:

    I love these blocks and the variety of color combos. I do like to do bee blocks to try new things … like new block designs, new techniques and new color ideas. I will be looking forward to your tutorial of how you made these. Thanks for hosting the Monday Link-Up. Not sure I will have much of anything to share as I am working on my ALYOF which is also for a blog hop later this week so I cannot share until then. I will enjoy visiting the links, though when I take my computer breaks from my quilting … 🙂 Pat

  7. CeLynn says:

    Love the bee blocks Melissa 🙂 Another great thing about bee’s is getting outside of that comfort zone,and learning new techniques!

  8. Katy says:

    Loving the blocks :o)

  9. tubakk says:

    Thank you for this linky party. If you wish to have your favorite colours under your picture, you have to write it where it stands CAPTION or TITLE, not where it stands YOUR NAME. My favorite colours right now are blue and green.

  10. Love the blocks need to try it

  11. Love the blocks need to try them

  12. Karen says:

    Great blocks, thanks for hosting :o)

  13. Pat V. says:

    This is a great block. Can’t wait for your tutorial!

  14. I’ve got more ‘blue’ in my stash than any other colour so I guess that makes it my favourite!

  15. These blocks are so cool! Definitely very different. Great color combos- especially since they were a stretch for you. That can be tough!

  16. Carrie P. says:

    Those are neat looking blocks.

  17. Susan says:

    It doesn’t seem possible that you’ve only been designing for a couple of years! You’ve done a lot in a short time.

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