3×6 Sampler Hive Test Block

I don’t know what drove me to do it…but I signed up for the 3×6 bee again. On top of that I signed up for 2 different hives! LOL  I guess I just felt like I didn’t have enough going on.

When I do these bees I like to do a nice mix of my own original designs for blocks and then classic designs. For the Sampler Hive that I am in, I opted to design my own block. Here is the mock up:

And here is my test block.

I’m pretty happy with it, I like how it gives me the opportunity to show case 5 different prints and frames them beautifully.  I’m think of doing this up as a tutorial…would anyone be interested?  There will be 6 more of these made in the future.

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14 Responses to 3×6 Sampler Hive Test Block

  1. Lyanna L. says:

    I think this is a fun block! I can think of so many fabrics that would look great in this layout =)

  2. Tina Short says:

    This block looks great, please do a tutorial.

  3. Lisa L. says:

    This block is great! What a fun way to highlight prints. Would love a tutorial! 🙂

  4. Monica says:

    I would love a tutorial, this block is so neat!!

  5. Susan says:

    Very modern looking. With traditional overtones. =) You know I’m always up for a tutorial!

  6. rosa says:

    I love it .It looks fantastic and very original!!

    A tutorial would be welcome.Thanks

  7. Katy says:

    It looks great, although I’m not entirely sure I’d have the patience o.O

  8. Cindy says:

    I love your blocks and want to see more!

  9. Nancy Angerer says:

    What a fun block! Looking forward to seeing more. A tutorial would be great.

  10. I like the modern look of that Melissa…and you’re right…it’s a great block to showcase some fun prints!

  11. Beth says:

    Yes please do a tutorial!

  12. Auntiesash says:

    I love the block. I’m very into solids right now, mixed with focus fabrics. I’m still a newbie – what is a 3×6 bee and what is a hive block?

  13. Mara says:

    What a fun way to showcase fabrics, I like it a tutorial would be fun.

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