March Finish – A Lovely Year of Finishes

This month I paid the price for my zeal and need to finish my goal. Truly I paid the price for all the handwork. All that aside, I am bursting with pride to show you my finish for March!

I know it is bright and obnoxious, but I just don’t care, I’m IN LOVE!

Here is a close up of how I quilted the Dresden (you can see even more detail on the back pictures below).

This was quilted on my home machine and I think this is truly the largest size I could handle in my machine for this particular type of quilt – 60×60 (before washing). With the shadow (or echo) quilting the quilt needs to be constantly worked through the throat of the machine and turned at every angle. The overall effect though is pretty cool if you ask me. Check out the back:

I used the same color threads on the front and on the back. My goal was to mimic the quilt design from the front on the back. A very simple but effective design element. I used 90″ wide, high thread count muslin for the backing. It is soft and yet not so dense that it is hard to quilt like using sheets can sometimes be.

Here is a picture of the dresden from the back. (Sorry for the crap lighting I had a little trouble with lighting on the back photographs. I’m not used to shooting an all white cloth surface.)

I don’t know why but I loved the way the corners looked on the back, so here is one last close up for you:

Quilt Details:

Design: Sew Intertwined Quilt, by Jenna Excell and Melissa Dunworth
Quilted: By Melissa Dunworth, on a Janome Horizon 7700
Thread: Masterpiece and King Tut by Superior Threads
Measures: 60″ x 60″ (unwashed)

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So, I finished mine, have you finished yours? Link up your Lovely Finish for March over here!



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31 Responses to March Finish – A Lovely Year of Finishes

  1. mary says:

    Hey that is not obnoxious – I love it, you are right to be proud!

  2. Kris C. says:

    That is really beautiful! You should love it, and you should be proud of it!

  3. Rina says:

    Add me to the list of people who LOVE it! I think it’s bright and cherry… makes me smile.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Love this one! It’s bright and cheery! Love the quilting also. I couldn’t do a quilt that big echo quilted in my home machine – poor little guy couldn’t handle it. LOL.

  5. Morena says:

    This is STUNNING!! I adore the design and I love the colors you chose. I just love it!!

  6. Carolyn says:

    This quilt is great! The corners do look good on the back so I don’t mind the extra pictures. Love the colors of the quilting on the back. I hope I can finish mine for this month, too.

  7. Jess says:

    This is SUPER pretty!!

  8. This is such a gorgeous and stunning quilt. You should be so proud!

  9. Lisa L. says:

    I LOVE this quilt!! The quilting is stunning, especially when seen on the back! You rock! 🙂

  10. Celia says:

    You did a wonderful job on your quilt. Very pretty, and your photos are good.

  11. Missy says:

    It looks great, I love the colors!

  12. Sondra says:

    This quilt is totally amazing, Melissa! And, I love the way the back looks with the design/threads. You really did an incredible job. Stunning!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXX

  13. Patty D says:

    This came out beautiful. congrats on the finish!!

  14. Flying Blind says:

    Totally gorgeous and amazing quilting to match xxx

  15. Awesome finish, girl! Way to go!
    Happy Easter to you and your family! 🙂

  16. Jeanne says:

    Melissa, that is gorgeous and you did such a great job. Love, love, love the back almost as much as the front. That would have to come to my house if I had the choice. Bravo for a lovely March finish.

  17. Katy says:

    It looks fabulous, love it!

  18. Carrie P. says:

    You should be proud! It is a fabulous quilt and your reached your goal! Way to go!
    Happy Easter!

  19. Lovely finish, love the pattern and the bright fabrics work great in it!

  20. Sharon says:

    This turned out beautifully! You are so good at the quilting

  21. Susan says:

    It is FABULOUS! It may be bright, but it definitely is NOT obnoxious. It’s cheerful! I love your quilting and the star look of the corners from the back.

  22. CeLynn says:

    Bright yes,obnoxious no! Well done you,give yourself a Big pat on the back,as you surly deserve it!(if not 3 or 4;) Love everything about your lovely finish!

    Happy Easter to the three of you!

  23. Dawn Hollingsworth says:

    Oh my heck!! That is just beautiful!! You go right ahead and be proud! 🙂

  24. Béatrice says:

    Very beautiful quilt and
    Happy Easter ! XXX

  25. Judy Blinkenberg says:

    This quilt is amazingly wonderful. I just love it. I can use alot of adjectives but they all mean the same. This quilt is one of my favorites for the year, so bright and cheery. What a wonderful job you did.

  26. Congrats on your finish!
    Very cool idea to use coloured threads in the bobbin! You have such great texture to enjoy on the back….thanks for the inspiration to try something new!

  27. I love your quilt! It’s so vibrant and your quilting is great.

  28. Anne Sidell says:

    Really pretty dresden… love the setting and the quilting.

  29. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    It’s lovely! What a beautiful quilt!

  30. Andrea Franklin says:

    Beautiful job, Melissa! I don’t think it’s one bit loud! It’s bright and cheery…a “Be happy – Life is GOOD!” quilt.

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