How I Quilt My Dresdens

I have been working diligently the last 3 days on my Sew Intertwined Quilt as part of A Lovely Year of Finishes – it is my goal for March. I have so far finished the center Dresden and I have been working on the middle section of the quilt – I couldn’t do the outside section if I wanted to because…I have no idea how I am going to quilt it yet! I thought I would show you all how I quilted my Dresden, this is by no means the only way, just how I do it.

Here is what my Dresden looks like from the front – you probably can’t tell in this picture but the center I did some pebbling on – the first time IĀ  have done that in a quilt.

I am using the same color for the bobbin that I am for the front. I wanted my quilting to echo the Dresden without actually sewing on the Dresden. I anchored that with my pebbles in the center.

As you can see my echo stitching is fairly even and my points are centered. Here is how I manage that. First I have a 1/4″ walking foot – it is not a must have but it is helpful. If you have a standard quilting foot with a guide, you can also use that to help you achieve the even look that I have here.

You are going to start with a quilting ruler and a removable marker – I used a water soluble pencil by Clover – these remind me of the grease pencils I used to use in the dark room – they are super easy to remove when you are done with your quilting.

Next you will want to extend the lines of the points and the valleys of your Dresden Fans. As you can see in the picture the ruler is lined up to extend the point on the green fan.

You will start your first round of quilting with your foot lined up on the edge of the Dresden, as you reach one of your lines, make sure your needle is in the DOWN position, lift your foot and pivot on the line. Readjust to line up with the edge of the Dresden and quilt to the next drawn line.

As you can see from the pictures above the overall effect is worth all the work. It almost looks like a sunburst from the back. This is also how I achieved the look in the Dresden pillow I made back made in January and blogged about in February.

One last trick about how I quilt. When I am using multiple colored threads I pre-wind all my bobbins and store the thread with bobbin on top underneath my quilting table so that each one is ready and available when I am ready to quilt. It keeps me from having to slow down and search for a bobbin or wind one!

So that’s what I’ve been up to, plugging away on my finish for March. What have you all been up to?

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19 Responses to How I Quilt My Dresdens

  1. Vicki says:

    Your quilting looks amazing! I can’t wait to it all finished. :0)

  2. Diane Swett says:

    I have been working on my Mug Rugs Exchange @ the Quilting Gallery so I can mail them out early. I have not been able to quilt for the last 2 wks because of a burst ear drum, ear infection & dizziness. Thanks to meds I was back to my sewing machine by March 1st and able to finish my project. I plan to blog about them and show some pictures on flickr as soon as Teresa receives them. I want them to be a surprise so I really can’t yet. I had to extend my Feb Finish Into March ( and I am Also starting to work on a Civil War Quilt with the pattern and fabrics I purchased last year

  3. Diane Swett says:

    I love the way you echoed your Dresden Plate. Thanks for the tut on it. I have made one but it is still on my design wall, I haven’t figured out what I want it to become yet. lol

  4. Debbe says:

    It looks wonderful. I have no doubt that you will get this finished.

  5. Susan says:

    I like WHAT you did, and I love that you did it in color! Looks great. Pebbles were fun on the longarm, but even with the nice space you have on your sewing machine, I can’t imagine doing it on a domestic machine.

  6. rosa says:

    Your quilting and quilt is just beautiful.Go, you can!!

  7. Michele says:

    Your quilt is beautiful and so is your quilting!!!!

  8. I love Dresdens quilting this way.
    Utterly gorgeous.

  9. Katy says:

    Looking great so far, and loving the pebbles in the middle

  10. usairdoll says:

    This quilt is so gorgeous Melissa! Thanks for showing how you do your echo quilting around your dresdens. You did a great job and how fun are those thread colors, yummy! I have several quilts with embroidery this year. I’m doing Susan’s Dresdens that has fabric dresdens and embroidery dresdens and Leanne’s House. It has embroidered flowers and words along with piecing. Take care and Happy Sewing!

  11. Lisa L. says:

    I absolutely LOVE the quilting on the Dresden and the pebbling! It looks like a flower on the back side! Cannot wait to see what you decide for the rest!

  12. Carrie P. says:

    great job and thanks for sharing how you did that. I have an extension table and it is my place to store my threads too.

  13. LJ says:

    That’s just lovely quilting. Thanks for sharing how you do it.

    I was wondering if you have any idea how the Clover W-S marking pencils react to humidity? I know that some marking Markers will disappear on their own after a short period of time and will do it faster when the humidity is high. I really like the idea that these pencils can be sharpened.

  14. Cindy says:

    I LOVE what you’re working on. These are on my ‘must try’ for this year. I ‘ve never done a dresden yet. And I love you sewing machine! That’s exactly the one I’m looking at purchasing right now. šŸ™‚

  15. Melissa, this is so gorgeous. Every time I come here I want to start a new quilt!! šŸ™‚

  16. CeLynn says:

    It just gets prettier all the time! You do such awesome sewing :0) Right now I am working on a baby/toddler quilt for my shop! But my mind keeps wandering to ideas for tote bags,think I am having withdrawals! I need to make me some tote bags soon,LOL šŸ˜‰

  17. Dresden, fixing to practice my first one..

  18. Sharon says:

    I am so impressed with your quilting. I am totally challenged!
    Good luck on the new meds.

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