Hexie Obsession

I have a new obsession – and it is one that I can do in front of the TV at night without much need for brain power – which is good because at the end of the day I am seriously lacking in brain power!

Hexies! I bought 2 charm packs of Simply Color by V & Co from Quilting Lodge. Cut one of them into quarters and I started basting. The pictures that follow show about 1/2 of the squares – just over 100 hexies.

Ok, I admit it, I had a lot of fun photographing my hexies – sorry for all the pictures 🙂

Are you wondering yet what I am planning on doing with all these hexies?

When I went to The Intrepid Thread last weekend I bought some stunning Essex Linen by Kaufman. I am planning on using the hexies and the linen to make some new pillows for my bedroom. I’m sure my husband will just LOVE the girly colors – LOL.

Here are a couple designs I have been playing with:

At this point I have way more hexies than I need for my pillows but I am enjoying making them, so I might stop when I have one whole charm pack made…we’ll see!

What have you all be working on?

On Monday I am going to share with my Sewing/Quilting New Years Resolution list!

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16 Responses to Hexie Obsession

  1. Debbe says:

    I love your hexies! My 2013 goal is to finish my hexi quilt.

  2. Vicki says:

    Love the hexies! I have a hexie quilt on my 2013 list of things to make. I really love the first layout design. Its my favorite.

  3. Beth says:

    I’m pretty obsessed with them too! I really like the second layout!

  4. Jeanne says:

    Where did you get your paper pieces? Thanks

  5. I understand that ! My mom gave me a Circut for xmas and it cuts all the shapes.. whoot ! I like your new Blog Banner..

  6. Diane Swett says:

    Love the Hexie’s. I’m not into them yet. They are pretty. I like all the pictures…

  7. Lisa L. says:

    Love the hexies and all the pictures! I need to try my hand at them!

  8. CeLynn says:

    Well Aaron might not like the “girlie”colors,but I sure like them!

  9. Sarah says:

    Cute hexies! And they are not girly colours!! They are bright colours. If he’s anything like my husband he doesn’t notice “things”, and when I show him my creations I get a smile, a nod, and a “that’s nice”!

  10. Katy says:

    Oooh, fun! I can’t wait for the Saltwater hexie kits to come out, I have a serious case of the wanties 😀

  11. Eva-marie says:

    I love them. I’ve been working on a scrappy hexie longterm project. I love doing it at night watching a series or movie with my feet up. It takes ages, but i promissed my husband a queensize quilt of them before or when we retire! (i’m 36 now (-;) it’s a rea
    Good way to get rid of my small scraps too!

  12. Sharon says:

    You have caught the hexi bug! Love the Simply Color fabrics, I started quilting my quilt I made with a layer cake of it. So pretty. I like the creative ways you are arranging your hexis

  13. Lisaleh says:

    I love that fabric line. I recently caught the hexie bug too. So great for using up scraps!

  14. Susan says:

    I’ve been working on a hexagon quilt for … oh, close to 25 years. =) It’s flowers, but it’s scraps from lots of projects. Every once in a while I make some more and add a bit to the slowly growing quiltlet. They are addictive! I love the fabrics you used, and they will definitely make great pillows.

  15. Sondra says:

    Love these, adorable. Love the first design! You are such an inspiration, Melissa! You have me looking up how to make these!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

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