Good-Bye July

Wow! I can’t believe that July is already over. I am actually pretty blown away by that fact. Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday – Anne and I spent Sunday doing some fun art projects and I mailed them yesterday – here’s hoping they arrive on time. Of course I didn’t take any pictures before we mailed them! DOH!

Sometimes when the month comes to an end I really feel like I haven’t accomplished anything but this month I really dug into my sewing room and despite my hands being completely uncooperative at times, I managed to get a fair amount accomplished – I even made a little mosaic to show you!

I actually managed to finish 4 quilt tops which just blows my mind and scares that pants off me too because that means I have 4 more quilts that need quilting! I got 4 bee blocks done (might get 2 more done today, we’ll see). I also made 2 pairs of shorts to donate to Hopeful Threads – and for all those who sewed…did you see that Kristy has more than doubled her goal for July – that is AWESOME! I also participated in a fun take on the game Telephone – that is my sunset that you are seeing.

Overall I am happy with my progress in July. Next month I am hoping to knock out my nephews quilt top, I will have a bunch of bee stuff to work on and then I will start quilting everything that needs to be done before I go back to California again for the holidays.

What did you get accomplished this month?

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11 Responses to Good-Bye July

  1. Mrs.Pickles says:

    wow you got A LOT done!!

  2. Lisa L. says:

    You got SO much done, and despite all your pain! You are amazing. I wish I could ever get 4 quilt tops done in a month!

  3. Susan says:

    Not a lot, but I’m happy with what I did do! I’m working on a special border to make my Flying Arrows into a rectangle. I have only been able to manage an hour a day sewing, and not always that, but it’s progressing! I also changed my quilting blog to wordpress.

  4. Susan says:

    Oh, duh. I meant to also say that I love your collage! I’ll have to try something like that – when I have enough to do one! I’m so drawn to all your quilts this month, and that sunshine reminds me of Eric Carle. =)

  5. Kristy says:

    OH MY!!! Look at those scrumptious quilt tops! I can’t narrow down a favorite! LOVE all the wonderful color!!! Lots of great accomplishments! Hope your hands are feeling better real soon!

  6. Lori Smanski says:

    Hope your hands feel better soon. You got a lot accomplished this last month. I love your quilt tops. So colorful. Time to do a happy dance.

  7. Jessica says:

    Great month of sewing there. I’m digging the top right quilt top.

  8. it’s my husbands and one of our grandsons birthday to i blog at wont-to-bequiltor

  9. Carrie P. says:

    Despite some problems You got a lot done. Such neat projects too.

  10. Snoodles says:

    You are amazing, my friend! I love the pinwheels best!
    Me? Seriously, I feel like all I did was the Pet Show….but I am looking forward to seeing everyone have fun! That will make it all worthwhile!

  11. Connie says:

    Wow did you get a lot done Melissa! Beautiful work as usual and I hope your hand is doing better. Happy Birthday to your dad!

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