When you have the heart to give

As I have said many times on this blog, I have the heart to give and as often as I can I do. Whether it be donating quilt block to Do.Good Stitches or to Quilting for Kids.  There is something to be said for helping someone you have never met before. Most everything I donate to is quilt related, this is because I am not confident in my non-quilting sewing skills.

Kristy, of Hopeful Threads, also has the heart to give. She is truly an inspiration to not only me, but hundreds of others.  Every month Kristy collects handmade items for a specific charity. Every month I have wanted to donate, it has been in my heart, but I just haven’t felt comfortable with my skill set to make something that I would feel good about donating. I want to donate my best, not my so-so work.

This month I asked Kristy if I could donate in an alternative way, I am donating a dress kit for Dress a Girl Around the World and I will send it to someone who would commit to make a dress and donate it to the cause.

This is my donation. Now it gets even better, Kristy matched my donation with a dress kit as well, after her post went live on Monday two more wonderful bloggers jumped on board with dress kits. Suzanne from Sew Delightful is donating a dress kit and so is my friend from Noguchi Designs. Not only are these wonderfully talented women donating dresses but they are also making it possible for someone else to donate too!

If you have it in your heart to sew a dress and put a smile on a little girls face please go enter the giveaways and sew a dress!

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS. Don’t forget to go enter the generous giveaway from Contemporary Cloth. You have until Sunday!


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6 Responses to When you have the heart to give

  1. Debbe says:

    Now that I am feeling ‘human’ again, I’m getting ready to start on a dress. My daughter won’t notice one missing dress from her fabric collection I have, right?

  2. Kristy says:

    You have been such an inspiration Melissa! And you have noticed that I haven’t braved a quilt donation…..why we all have different gifts! I so appreciate your generosity to help others with this event! Hugs!

  3. How nice of all you ladies ! I am not going to enter since I have SO MUCH fabric !! If I have time to get to it I will make a dress or 2 . When is the deadline ?

  4. p.s. this fabric is simply adorable !! 😀

  5. Lisa L. says:

    Hoping that the next project through Hopeful Threads will find me finished with school and with time to craft… and the skill set to make what is being collected. I really like your idea of donating a kit. 🙂

  6. Jodi G. says:

    Thank you Melissa! I won your kit over at Hopeful Threads and I feel so Blessed to be able to help with this great cause. This came at such a great time!! Thank you again and I will be in touch.

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