Happy Easter

Yesterday we went to see the Easter Bunny and I am happy to report that Anne is still completely and totally enamored with him!  This is fabulous news because at not quite 2.5 years old, Santa is still NOT a good guy in her mind.  So at least once per year we can get a super cute holiday pic, and this year we got 4!

(this one is our Easter Card that I mailed out at the last second yesterday!)

I know this week has been heavy on the family stuff and light on the sewing and quilting front, I hope you all don’t mind – I’m trying to lead with my heart these days. Sewing and quilting did happen this week though, I made 2 bee blocks, I will show them to you next week, and yesterday I started doing some FMQ on my secret project. I will show you the back of that next week too! I’m hoping to get one more quilt quilted before heading up to Victoria British Columbia with my hubs on our first vacation just the two of us since Anne was born. My parents are being kind enough to come stay with Anne for the few days we will be gone.

Don’t forget, today is the last day to enter the great giveaway from Stitches N’ Giggles! I will be picking a winner at 9:00 pm tonight.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

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9 Responses to Happy Easter

  1. Kristy says:

    Precious!!! I love the one where she is touching his glasses so sweet!!! She is a doll baby! 🙂 And leading with your heart is always a good thing in my opinion! Happy Easter!!!

  2. Debbe says:

    Enjoy your time away. You deserve it!

  3. Jacque says:

    She is just precious! Love all four pictures – they capture her fun-loving spirit! Personally, I wouldn’t want you to do anything BUT lead with your heart….blogging has to be fun, and rewarding. It’s great to have support on emotional things as well as quilt-y things. 🙂
    Have fun on your vacation — Anne will be spoiled when you return! Heehee!

  4. Sondra says:

    Well you know what I will say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely adorable, PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! Love her smile, excitement, dress, expression and curly hair. I just love the Little Amazon. You made my day, thank you for sharing. Love the images this week. Hugs to A…….

  5. Lisa L. says:

    She is so totally, stinking cute!!!! 🙂 Glad we both got a picture after all was said and done!! 🙂

  6. Susan says:

    What positively adorable pictures! She’s such a little cutie! Enjoy that getaway. I have a feeling you need it!

  7. Gene Black says:

    Great pictures. I am glad she liked the Easter Bunny.

    Sometimes a little light hearted glimpse of something else is good. I certainly don’t mind.

  8. Barb N says:

    Pretty darn cute! Happy Easter for you all.

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