Finish-A-Long Finishes

So I wasn’t as successful as I had hoped to be with the Finish-A-Long over at Quilter in the Gap, but I am happy with how much I did get done.

To see my original list of projects I wanted to finish – check out this post.

I wanted to finish the Zig Zag Zoom quilt for my sister-in-law. She is due to have her baby in about 2 weeks and I am happy to report that it is finished and I will be shipping it this week!

My second goal was to write up two patterns this quarter, I finished one completely and it is even being sold at the Intrepid Thread. Here is the link. If you like the pattern please remember if you purchase it ALL proceeds are going to charity!

The second pattern isn’t quite as far along as I would like. I finished the top, but it still needs to be quilted and the pattern needs to be written. Oh well, I got close on that one!

My third goal was to successfully complete my first QAL. I am happy to report that I finished Jenna’s QAL at SewHappyGeek. I couldn’t be more pleased with how beautiful it looks!

My fourth goal was a super failure. I was going to make my final pay it forward gift, but…well I have no excuses, life and other things got in the way. I still have time to make it happen and I will!

My fifth goal was to make something for Valentine’s Day and I am happy to report that I did!

I love my Valentine’s Day project, and I ended up donating it to charity. It will be auctioned off for a Mission that my friend runs in Tanzania.

Did you participate in the Finish-A-Long over at Quilter in the Gap? How did you do?

PS. If you haven’t already, make sure you enter the great giveaway from Stitches N’ Giggles!

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9 Responses to Finish-A-Long Finishes

  1. Connie says:

    Your quilt for your SIL is beautiful and congrats on getting it finished! You have really been busy, lots of wonderful projects!!

  2. Debbe says:

    you made a lot of progress.

    • Sergiu says:

      Yummy fabrics, yes they do look like a happy beach ball.Love your phoots. Red is the perfect color to spice up a winter day….so cool that there are apples still in the tree. I thought they were ornaments at first.

  3. Flying Blind says:

    You did brilliantly – especially compared to me!

    • Jallo says:

      The quilt turned out amzinag! I have such a difficult time selecting colors for my quilts that I just do them for kids. That way if the bright colors look strange, they won’t know since it’ll fade by the time they’d pick up on something like that.

  4. Susan says:

    I didn’t participate, but I’m so impressed with all you did! That quilt for the baby is fabulous! Is that one of your patterns? If so, I’d love to buy it. It would be perfect for some donations I have for American Hero Quilts!

  5. MissMary says:

    This encourages me to get off my duff and finish that back for my SHQ QAL top…

  6. Lisa L. says:

    I love all of your finishes! Cannot wait to be able to make Twirling Around! Your SIL is going to love Zig Zag Zoom!

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