Valentine’s Day Showcase – Kris from Fabric Problem

Welcome to Day 4 of the Valentine’s Day Showcase – if this is the first time you have visited this month, head over to the Valentine’s Day Showcase page to learn more about what’s going on. I am hosting 10 days of tutorials from some of my favorite bloggers and crafty friends and then starting February 15th a linky party for you to show off what you made for Valentine’s Day – there will be some fun prizes too!

Today I have Kris from I don’t have a problem, I have a well-rounded fabric stash! – if you are on Facebook and you sew – this is one group you need to join! It is so much fun and so supportive!

Before Kris’s fun tutorial – I thought we should get to know her a bit:

1. What got you hooked on your craft of choice?
I’ve been fascinated with designing clothing, toys, etc. ever since I was a kid.  I used to spend hours drawing designs that I wanted to create someday.  The only problem was, I had NO sewing experience other than a truly disastrous skirt that I made in 8th grade Home Ec!  Of course, my lack of know-how didn’t keep me from haunting fabric stores and thinking up things I’d like to create, so my fabric stash started growing before I even had a sewing machine in the house.  I recently worked up the nerve to cut into my stash and start creating, and I’ve been slowly but surely picking up new techniques (and making up my own weird ways of doing things) ever since.  I still have a LONG way to go, but it’s really nice to finally be able to take my ideas from paper to reality! 

2. What lights your crafting fire (ie. what keeps you crafting, why do you do it?)?
In some ways, I’m an impulse crafter- an idea pops into my head and I HAVE to get it done.  Fabric shopping is dangerous for me, because I go in looking for one thing and come out with supplies for eight other projects that were too good to pass up!  When I’m in a slump, challenges and bees help me get back on track, and I get a lot of inspiration from seeing the cool things that others have created. 

3. What is your favorite Valentine’s themed junk food?
That’s a tough one!  Anything chocolate, of course, but I really love the Lifesavers strawberry and cream lollipops I used to get as a kid.  They’re not easy to find these days, though!

Take it away Kris!

Today’s tutorial is something sweet and squishy for your favorite sweetheart: a Valentine’s Owl Stuffie! This is a fun little gift for kids, teachers, and friends, and it’s fun to make, too! You can download a printable PDF version of the tutorial below, click the images or visit ; . Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy sewing!



Isn’t that the most precious owl you have ever seen!!! You know you want to make one for yourself…and maybe for the little girl in your life too 🙂  Tomorrow we will have Lisa – future food and craft blogger. I have known Lisa for almost 20 years and she is an AMAZING baker – she has a sweet treat in store for all of us.

Have you started working on your entry for The Showcase yet?

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21 Responses to Valentine’s Day Showcase – Kris from Fabric Problem

  1. kiera says:

    I love this project Kris! Amazing job on the tutorial!!!

  2. Kris Garst says:

    Thank you! ♥

  3. This owl is just so so cute ! Thanks for putting this showcase together ! So far , the projects are just great ; oh and baking tomorrow , huh ???? can’t wait !

  4. Jacque says:

    Oh, these little guys are adorable! And I know just who to make one for…..Thanks for a great tutorial!

  5. Connie says:

    What a wonderful project! I would love to make this for my granddaughter! Thanks for a awesome tutorial!

  6. Vicki Freeman says:

    That is super creative – nice job!!

  7. Lisa L. says:

    What adorable little owls you have made!! Love them 🙂

  8. Anna Veit says:

    I had to laugh when I saw your heading “What lights your crafting fire”. I would have to say my grandson…………….I made a quilt for my granddaughter and then he wanted one!

  9. EllyD says:

    Oh so very cute! Thank you 🙂

  10. KatieQ says:

    Thanks for the lovely tutorial.

  11. tubakk says:

    So cute, this owl. I just made an owl and bloged him, and now may be I must do another. Thank you for the tutorial!

  12. Jodi G. says:

    What a cute owl family. hehe. Thanks for the tutorial and the pattern. Owls always remind me if my children’s elementary school. Their mascot was KIP the owl. KIP was for Knowledge is Power. Another great day on the tour!

  13. Kris Garst says:

    Thanks everyone! ♥

  14. Carrie says:

    What a wonderful tutorial. The owls are precious!! Thank you for sharing it and them on Sharing Saturday!! We hope you will share with us again this week.

  15. MiaB says:

    Very nice!!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us at Sharing Saturday. Hope to see you again this week.


  16. CeLynn says:

    OMG,Kris! You are so creative! These are just adorable 🙂

  17. Pat Sloan says:

    Happy Valentines day and thank you for sharing at my blog!

    Please be sure to visit my new “Learning Center” at

  18. Kris Garst says:

    Thanks again to all! 😀

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