Tutorial & Free Pattern – Chinese Take-Out Easter Basket

This year I decided to do something special and a little different for my nieces (8 and 9) and my nephews (5 months and 8).  I made my nephews matching Easter Chinese Take-Out Baskets and my nieces got matching Easter Purses.  The older kids are getting bean bag bunnies (and it is my brother’s problem if they are turned into ammunition against each other) and my youngest nephew will be getting a plush bunny – when I have time to make it!

Here are the older kids Easter “Baskets”:

Purses for the girls
Take-Out for the Boys

The pattern for the take-out box can be found here.

Not much is needed for this pattern.

  • Two pieces of coordinating felt 22×22 inches
  • Pattern pieces – cut out and taped together according to the directions on the pattern
  • Some peltex scraps for the top
  • Some fusible web, for one I used Pellon and the other I used Heat n Bond Lite
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
Step 1: Cut out and assemble pattern pieces
Step 2: Cut out fabric pieces

Heat and bond for the large piece, and peltex for the smaller pieces

Step 3: Fuse the large pieces together – follow the directions that come with your fusible – I had an easier time working with the Pellon, but probably because I am more used to that brand.

Step 4: Mark a square for the bottom of you box – I used a sharpie do this on the INSIDE fabric
Step 5: Follow your sharpie line and sew around the square 3 times
Step 6: Sew the sides together – use a 1/4 seam

You now have a lidless box!

Step 7: Sew together your top pieces – I sewed around the edge of all 4 using a 1/4 seam

Step 8: Sew lid pieces on – using 1/4 seam

I wanted my inside fabric to be on the outside for the lid – so while the main body was inside out – I had the right side fabric to the wrong side fabric and sewed
Once you have sewn your lid pieces on, turn your box right side out and voila! A felt Easter Chinese Take-Out Box!  All you need is to stuff it full of bunnies and chocolate (my brother can put the chocolate in) and you are done!  Once the pattern pieces were cut out – it took me less time to assemble this (including take pictures) than it did to write this post.

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