Work It Wednesday

This is crunch week for me as I need to get all my Easter stuff finished for my nieces and nephews by Saturday to mail down to CA where they live. I am making good progress. I have finished everything for the girls and as of last night everything for my oldest nephew. I just have my 5 month old nephew to work on now.

Here is my progress thus far…

Bean Bag Bunnies from 2 Little Hooligans – Check
Anne’s Basket and the purses for her cousins
Side View
Girls are a go!
Anyone up for Chinese on Easter?
Go ahead, open it, you know you want to…
Bean Bag Bunnies!

I whipped together The Chinese Take Out Easter “basket”  for my oldest nephew last night. I am hoping that he and his sisters like the bean bag bunnies and actually use them for a bean bag toss and not just as ammunition to throw at each other.

I am also planning to make a minky Bunny stuffy for Anne and for my youngest nephew, I am hoping to start on that tonight. If I only finish my nephew’s on time I will be very happy. Anne won’t really know if I am late with her’s at 17 months she isn’t going to know if she gets it on Easter or not.

What are you working on this week?

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2 Responses to Work It Wednesday

  1. Bright Angel says:

    Such cute Easter ideas!!! I love your work!! 🙂 I am making bows this week! And hopefully going to start a dress!

  2. Evelene S says:

    I am finishing ruffled aprons for a friend as a service project. Your Easter presents are so cute.

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