Kindergarten Quilt Finish

Finishing a quilt is always exciting! Last Thursday I finished the Kindergarten Quilt for Anne’s teacher. This week I am hoping to take it to school and get a photo of her class holding the quilt to frame for her teacher.  That way she will always have the faces to go with the blocks. Anne loves the quilt.

Kindergarten Quilt - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comYou can read more about the inspiration for this quilt on this post. A lot of thought and effort went into making it, and many hours volunteering in Anne’s classroom. I know this will sound crazy, especially since I just bought a long arm, but I quilted this on my domestic machine. I wanted to quilt in the sashing and borders only. I wanted the blocks to be exactly as the children drew them and have no embellishment.

I did make a new purchase for my Long Arm. Vicki from Orchid Owl Quilts talked me into order Red Snappers, they are supposed to make loading and unloading quilts a breeze. I ordered them from the St. Sandy, Utah Innova Dealer. I can’t wait for them to arrive.  I have a charity quilt that will be going on next for some practice and then I’m hoping to get Anne to finish her quilt on the long arm. She’s been begging for a chance to quilt on it again!

Have a happy Monday!


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4 Responses to Kindergarten Quilt Finish

  1. Actually…it takes awhile to get over the intimidation of the long arm….so I DO understand! I absolutely adore you kinder quilt and know Anne’s teacher will too.

  2. Susan says:

    AnneMarie and the quilt are both amazingly wonderful. Can’t beat them together! I think you will really like the Red Snappers. They came out about the time I sold my machine, but I’ve seen them at shows, and watched the video and if I get another longarm, I will be getting them. Paul did most of my pinning for me, and he’s not here to do it now, so I want an easier way. =)

  3. Barb N says:

    You’ll love the red snappers! They are a little ‘stiff’ to begin with and tight to work on, but ease up with use. With my arthritic hands, they are a god send! Great quilt!

  4. Jo Ferguson says:

    The quilt turned out even better than I expected……and I expected it to be beautiful. It helps, of course, that Anne is holding it. I think having a photo of the class, with the quilt, is inspired.

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