Feeling Loved

This week was the three year anniversary of the first meeting of the South Sound Modern Quilt Guild. When I started this guild 3 years ago, I have to say, I wasn’t quite sure what would happen, would anyone show up or would I be at the quilt shop with Anne for company. Little did I know that we would have a huge turn out and I would quickly find myself as president of a quilting guild for the next 2.5 years. I love this guild, and I have been so grateful for all of the wonderful women who are part of it. They are all so wonderful, caring, giving and loving.  At the end of our meeting this week, I was called up to the front of the room, now that I’m not president anymore I tend to hide in the back, and was presented with a stunning quilt made with love from the most wonderful ladies.

SSMQG Quilt - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comThese ladies know me so well. There are so many blocks that I truly adore in this quilt. I’ve been having a rough week and yesterday I truly felt as though I had been wrapped up with love. People do not understand what it means to be a quilter until they gift a quilt and see the joy in the recipients face or they receive a quilt and feel all the love that is stitched into the quilt.

Thank you South Sound Modern Quilt Guild. This gift has truly deeply touched my heart and soul.


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2 Responses to Feeling Loved

  1. Jo Ferguson says:

    There is nothing like “feeling loved”. I hope this quilt reminds you just how much you are loved, for years to come.

  2. Susan says:

    That is one fabulous quilt! You can be entirely wrapped in love with that one. I’m so glad they made it for you. What a wonderful thing to receive.

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