Multiplying Whales

Did you know that whales are a lot like bunnies? They multiply pretty quickly around here.

Whale Blocks - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comMy mom and I are working on a Preppy The Whale quilt, pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. The right facing whales were made by my mom in February when she came up to visit and I made the left facing whales. I am shipping these off to my mom, she is going to finish piecing the whales and then piece the top together before bringing it to me so I can long arm quilt it.

I’m envisioning waves for the quilting. An all over design. I think it will be a very sweet quilt when it is done.

I hope you have a happy Wednesday! I am working on a scrappy quilt. Will have some pictures to share on Friday!


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5 Responses to Multiplying Whales

  1. Susan says:

    It will be wonderful! I’ve always liked that pattern since I first saw it. You know, if you look at the blocks backward … they almost look like bunnies!

  2. Michele says:

    Love those whales!!

  3. Barb N says:

    How fun for you to work on this with your mom. It will be a great quilt! (I don’t see any bunnies….)

  4. Jo Ferguson says:

    Loving the whales.

  5. Kaholly says:

    I love those whales! I’m so tempted to buy the pattern! Yours are beautiful!

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