Marvel Comics Quilt is Quilted!

Spike to the rescue! I have managed to get a Do Good Stitches quilt quilted! All that is left is to bind it and take a final photograph.

Here is the top before it was quilted.

Marvel Quilt - Do Good Stitches - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comWhen I asked the wonderful ladies of Do Good Stitches to make Marvel themed quilt blocks, I told them they could simply use themed fabrics or let their imaginations and talents run wild. Clearly these ladies have talent!

I got the top pieced together last Friday and I quilt it on Spike on Tuesday. Last night at my guild meeting Heather from Heather’s Creative Blessings took a picture of it for me during sew and share. Once it is bound I will take a picture outside so you can see it in all it’s finished glory. I’m hoping to have it done over the weekend.

Marvel Quilt - Do Good Stitches - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comI did an all over jagged quilting design because it reminded me of the action and word bubbles you see in comic books, like when they write the word POW! The white blocks I used white thread on, next time I might change that, but overall I am super pleased with my quilting choice. I’m turning the back to the front for a binding, and the backing is three different Marvel fabrics so it should look pretty cool.

I just love being able to bang out quilts!

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3 Responses to Marvel Comics Quilt is Quilted!

  1. It looks great. Awesome quilting. Good luck with the binding.

  2. Susan says:

    Fabulous! I could see the binding from the wrong side in that second picture, and that’s going to be perfect. I love the Captain America block – he’s probably my favorite, though I’m not above watching any of them … or the DC superheroes either! =) In fact, thanks to my son’s Hulu, I DO watch them all, and the movies I catch at the $2.50 theater. I’m a sucker for superheroes, and Marvel has done an outstanding job of all of their movies, and the pacing and alternating from one to another. Never enough to fill me up, but …. =) Your ladies did you proud on those blocks!

  3. Jo Ferguson says:

    They are a talented group of ladies. Love how you did the quilting. It appears you and Spike have developed quite the partnership.

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