Thank You Notes

As a parent I am trying to teach my child the value of thank you notes, sometimes though…it is really hard to put your emotions into words. Heck, sometimes I struggle to find the right words to write my blog. This summer my uncle rescued my blog, he sacrificed over a week of his time and was basically my superhero. It isn’t often these days that you come across people who will help you just out of the kindness and goodness of their hearts and I’m so lucky that my Uncle Pat is in my life.

When he was reloading all of my pictures to my blog (and I have A LOT of pictures) he commented on how lovely my quits were. I figured the best way to say thank you would be to make him a quilt.  I started searching the internet for inspiration, my aunt and uncle are both into motorcycles, in fact that’s how they met, through their mutual love for motorcycles. I ran across this incredible motorcycle quilt pattern (pattern by and it just screamed Uncle Pat. He lives in Nevada and he loves motorcycles. Hello southwest motorcycle quilt, where have  you been all of his life!

Motorcycle Quilt -

I loaded this quilt onto my frame and went to town custom quilting it. Then I wrote a special sentiment on the binding and shipped it off to my uncle. This is the wall hanging version that finishes at 28″ x 24″ and there are 264 pieces of fabric in it! Can you believe that!   As my uncle received this last week, I can now share that it was one of the secret projects that I was working on last month. I’m very happy with how it turned out!

Remember to always say Thank You!


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7 Responses to Thank You Notes

  1. This is amazing! What did you in the binding?

  2. Susan says:

    Melissa, it’s fabulous! As a southwesterner myself, I can really appreciate that background, and the motorcycle looks great against it. I love the fabrics you picked, too. I know he was touched immensely by this gift. What a treasure your are!

  3. Lisa Marie says:

    So gorgeous, and a perfect thank you! Kudos to you for teaching your daughter to write thank you notes. I did the same with my son. He’s 26 and he does send thank you notes. Sadly, it seems to be something that is seldom done anymore. But I think that expressing our gratitude to others means a lot and shouldn’t be neglected.

  4. Uncle Pat says:

    I want to thank Melissa for my MC Quilt. It is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (and I am dating myself with that adjective). In the day Melissa’s father helped me keep a succession of trucks and cars on the road and it was the least I could do to rescue her blog. What goes around comes around.

  5. Nancy Staub says:

    That is a wonderful Thank You note!!!!!! You did an awesome job!!!!! Your Uncle Pat even spelled his adjective correctly – he HAS to be a great man – and appreciates your work and generosity!

  6. Jo Ferguson says:

    What a beautiful way to say Thank You.

  7. Kathleen says:

    Perfect! And you know, I hear some schools are not even going to be teaching cursive writing anymore!! If that takes hold, there will be generations of people who won’t even be able to read historic documents, let alone sign their own name!

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