Down for the count

Have you missed me? I spent all of last week fighting some mysterious stomach bug. It was pretty awful. The only bright side is that Anne was spared the sickness, thank goodness! Can’t imagine taking care of her and me with us both sick.  She is such a big help.

I did finish my October A Lovely Year of Finishes project, but that will have to wait a few days, unless of course you are on Instagram or Facebook and saw the pictures online already.  Yesterday I was feeling pretty good, I even took Anne to Boo at the Zoo with some friends and while she was napping I worked on my bee blocks for Do Good Stitches. I only finished one, but seeing as I had to design my own paper pieced templates, I’m ok with that! The theme this month is boy themed blocks with blues, greens and browns. I think my second block will be trees and after seeing my first one, I think you will understand why…

Trust Circle - Do Good Stitches - October 2014 Block 1

So the question for you is…want to go camping?


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9 Responses to Down for the count

  1. Katy says:

    I did miss you, glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  2. CeLynn says:

    Happy to hear that you are feeling better! Love the tent/camping block,since our temps are at or just below freezing already…I will pass on camping until next year.

  3. I love your new tent blocks. They look great. I am glad you are feeling better, too. I’ve felt not the best the last few days so I am just laying low, too.

  4. kaholly says:

    Must be going around! I’ve been under the weather with some kind of intestinal bug, too. Glad you’re feeling better now. I really like the tent block. Trees will look great, too, but I love that night sky. I love camping!!

  5. Michele says:

    Love the tent block and very happy you are feeling better!

  6. snoodles says:

    Sure hope you are all better! Love that cute block!

  7. Kathleen says:

    Very cute block!!

  8. Susan says:

    Yes, but not in a pup-tent ever again, and not in Tennessee! LOL I want to go where it’s warm and dry and maybe in the fifth wheel or a camper. I love your block. It’s the darlingest thing ever. I’m so sorry you were sick. I did wonder, but sort of thought you might either be doing Anne stuff or taking some time for yourself or sewing. I’m SO glad Anne didn’t get sick!

  9. Vera says:

    Sorry to hear about your sick stomach. I hope you are doing all better. Cool block!

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