All Framed Up, An Unplanned Finish

Last week I finished up another version of my All Framed Up pattern.  This one is destined to go to a friend who is pregnant. Although, now that I have finished my class with Katie from Sew Katie Did, I’m wondering whether or not there is enough value difference. (More about my class on Thursday.) Oh well, it is what it is and I will apply the things I learned from the class to my future quilts!

All Framed Up Purple & Gray - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comI love this quilt, especially the birdie and butterfly focus prints. They just make me so happy. My favorite thing about this pattern is all the negative space, it gives you so much room to practice your FMQ in. I did an all over swirl design in the gray and in the purple I did a border design from Angela Walters’ book.

I even learned that for the last 2 years I have been threading my machine incorrectly. Turns out you should always thread your machine with the foot up. I don’t always do that and when I don’t do it I have MAJOR tension problems. Thank goodness for the user manual! So there is my unplanned finish for February.

What are you up to?


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6 Responses to All Framed Up, An Unplanned Finish

  1. Nancy Angerer says:

    I am very very happy to be able to say that I am almost done with a flannel rag quilt for one of my granddaughters who is having a birthday next week. They live near Santa Cruz — where it is cool and damp year round — so I think think this weight of quilt will be perfect. All I have left to do is wash and dry it and then add the label. It was easy to sew but a bear to clip! Before I make rag quilts for her sisters, I plan to get different scissors:)

  2. Jessica says:

    Lovely Finish!

  3. Michele W says:

    Looks great with the binding!

  4. Brandy M. says:

    fabulous! I’d love to see a close-up of the quilting – it looks amazing!!



  5. Katy says:

    Huh, my machine won’t even let me thread it with the foot down, it closes bits of the mechanism off to prevent you from trying!

  6. Mine is like Katy’s. I can’t thread it if the foot is down.

    I love this finish! There is plenty of value contrast in this quilt. 🙂 It would be fun to see it in black and white.

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