Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Welcome back to another edition of Not-So-Wordless Wednesday. I missed last week, this month is going by far to fast for me and things that I don’t even want to think about are sneaking up on me. It’s enough to make a grown woman curl up in a ball.  In the mean time I have been trying to meet sewing deadlines and commitments. I have come to realize that Irene is my new best friend when it comes to piecing, she is deadly accurate and just a dream to sew on. She sits in front of Jan, my trusty Janome Horizon and go to for any type of quilting.  I don’t know why but when I walk into my sewing room and see the two of them like this it always makes me giggle.

Jan & Irene - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comI hope you have a very happy hump day!


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14 Responses to Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

  1. Lisa L. says:

    Quite the pair! 🙂 They look happy.

  2. Featherweights are the best!

  3. Katy says:

    Bigger isn’t always better!

  4. kaholly says:

    I just pulled out my featherweight to sell….then couldn’t part with it! Set it back up and she sews like a breeze. I pack everything up for the winter, then leave, and just never set her back up again! Shame on me. I get my new Janome Horizon at the end of next week and am so excited!!

  5. Jo Ferguson says:

    They look cute and mischievous. I wonder what they’ve been up to while you’re out of the room.

  6. Susan Melvin says:

    So what is funny is I took my Janome in for service and pulled out my featherweight the other day and when my Janome came back I set them side by side for the same comparison.

  7. Or better yet, Two Times The FUN!!

  8. Susan says:

    Making a difference, one sewing machine at a time.

    looking over the shoulder of my little sister

    Will you teach me everything you know?

    Love both machines. =)

  9. Jeifner says:

    “My name is Irene and I want to live at Jeifner’s house for a while”

  10. CeLynn says:

    Jan and mini me ready and waiting…

    I had the Best hump day ever,T showed up a few days early for vacation!!! Come on Friday 🙂

  11. Judy says:

    Mutt & Jeff!

  12. Colby says:

    We have the exact same machines!!! My problem with my featherweight is two things… It goes so much slower than my big machine, I find that I get frustrated with the speed. It’s been taken to the shop and I asked about that and my guy said that it is the motor size, which is normal and he suggested that I should not change it. Also, I got a 1/4 inch foot for it but it is a different foot than my regular machine and if for some reason I have to go more than 1/4 inch in, it sucked my fabric into the feed dogs. I have only used the machine for scrap piecing rather than regular piecing due to these two issues but I have heard such wonderful things from everyone else about piecing on their featherweights. Any suggestions?

  13. Michele says:

    Decisions, decisions — which one to use!

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