Wordless Wednesday – Caption It!

So I made a mess in my sewing room yesterday and I have absolutely zero inclination to clean it up. I dumped out my black and white bin, which at some point over the last 2 years morphed into a black, white, gray and bone bin.  Now I’m contemplating whether or not I need to add a separate gray bin and if so where in all holy heck am I gonna store it!

B&W Bin Explosion - https://www.sewbittersweetdesigns.comGo ahead and caption it!
Might I add this is smack in the middle of my room and there is no walking around it, you have to walk through it to reach my sewing machine.

On a side note! I have a giveaway over on Instagram! I am a bit late to the Instagram party and I just hit 300 followers! I am giving away two charm packs – due to shipping costs this giveaway is open to US only.  I’m @sewbittersweetdesigns on Instagram.

Have a happy Wednesday!


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8 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Caption It!

  1. Kathleen says:

    You leave us in here long enough, we’re bound to procreate!

  2. CeLynn says:

    Oh Scrap,now I have to put everything back!

  3. Sandy says:

    Who let the scraps out? Who, who, who, who????

  4. Katy says:

    It was no use, despite the eventual separation, the black and white scraps had mated so many times, the grey was threatening to take over…

  5. Susan says:

    Who you callin’ a scrapaholic?

    A red square! My kingdom for a red square!

    I’m sorry, Ma’am, we looked everywhere for the needle, but we just can’t find it.

  6. 50 Shades of Scraps!

  7. Jeifner says:

    Neautral texture. Performance art. Or, the beginnings of the most awesome, yet classy, Halloween quilt ever.

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