Last week my friend Krista grounded me and then when I explained to Shanna why I was grounded, she heartily agreed with Krista! Ahhhhh!

Let me explain…I’ve been quilting for 12 years come this summer (it is easy for me to keep track, my first quilt was for my niece and she turns 12 in September) and I have NEVER put a label on a quilt. I know. Shock, Gasp, Faint!  I just haven’t taken the time. You are probably going to be even more appalled when I tell you that I was a history major in college, so yes preserving the past is very important to me and before I got pregnant with Anne I was going to school for my master’s in education and substitute teaching in schools. You would think someone like me would label everything, but I haven’t. I’m just always so excited to get to the finish that I don’t take the time.

What is my sentence? I am grounded to my room with no TV for 3 hours per unlabeled quilt. Here’s the thing I’m not exactly sure how many quilts that is, it is easily over 30. I am, however, allowed a computer and internet access, but I am not allowed to buy fabric. That is my punishment!

I am happy to report that last week I joined those labeling fanatics and have done my first label. It is on a quilt for my mom and it is using her method. I will have a tutorial up for it later this week, by Friday for sure.

So tell me…am I the only one who is horrible about labeling and would rather just finish the quilt?

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  1. MammaNene says:

    As you know I don’t quilt (by now…), but I’ve never labeled any of my dresses/clothes… I always think about it and then go on with the next project. I hope I won’t be grounded too 🙂

  2. Debbi Swartwood says:

    I too am guilty of no labels. The only quilts that get labels have hung in quilt shows.

  3. Marilyn says:

    What a fun post! How are you holding up with your “grounded sentence?”

    • Melissa says:

      I’m holding up 🙂 This whole no fabric shopping online thing might be the death of me though! LOL

  4. Debbe says:

    Guilty….Now I have labeled a few special things, and I’m getting better, but I have a hard time deciding what to put on said labels, and most people are unaware of my blog, because even though it is public, well I’m a pretty private person. Maybe that is why I don’t blog as much as I should.

  5. Pam in KC says:

    A few quilts escaped w/o labels, but for the most part they at least get my name and date on them. I don’t however recommend labeling and dating a quilt/project before it’s finished. I sewed an emboridered label into the bottom of a purse I was planning on giving to my niece Christmas of 2011. Yep, you guessed it. The purse is still not finished and it will be a pain to get the label out. Maybe I’ll aim for Christmas 2014 — I think I can ink that last 1 into a 4…

  6. PennyDog says:

    I’m guilty too but I’ve not done so many so I do plan to go back and label. I even bought a decent labelling pen last week such is my intention…

  7. Kristin says:

    I love labels and I hope to figure out how to do them, too. Maybe I’ll pin some. 😉
    Btw, the “grounded” got me. LOL

  8. I have good intentions… I have a bin of my leftovers from each quilt, a book of easy cute paper pieced patterns and a dream that “one day” I’ll sit down at my machine and make them.

    One day has yet to arrive so I might have to make it a goal one of these months!~

  9. Lisa L. says:

    When is the grounding over? LOL! I guess I ought to be too… as I never label my finishes (quilts, clothing or otherwise.) I should change that!

  10. Janine says:

    I’ve never labelled either, except for swaps. To be honest, I very much doubt future generations will be that interested in my quilts but maybe it’s a good habit just in case 🙂

  11. Often it has occurred to me that I should probably label the quilts I make and give away… But now it wouldn’t matter to try and go back and “label” the quilts I have given away. I believe I have given away at least 15 quilts, some to people that I don’t ever see. I have also made dresses, appliqued onesies, and other things which have been given as gifts, as I rarely keep anything I make for myself… But I should probably figure out labeling quilts as I move forward, honestly making labels seems like a lot of work, I know that sounds so funny, since I spend hours and hours making the quilt!

  12. Anita says:

    LOL…I don’t label all my quilts either. I usually am just happy to have them finished and out the door to their recipients. I have, however, labeled some of my bigger ones. =) Visiting from “Let’s Get Acquainted.”

  13. No, you are not alone. So far, all my quilts have been either for my daughter and her family or for us, so I always thought that there was no need to label them. But I think I’m just rationalizing. 😉

  14. VAkate says:

    Oh, I got so serious with my first few quilts for grandchildren – labored at the PC getting just the right design and wording and bought the special fabric for the printer. On a subsequent visit to see the grandchildren, every one of the labels was blank – from all the washing. I gave up.

  15. Mary C says:

    I, too, am guilty of not labeling my quilts. I think about it and then promptly forget about it when the quilt is finished.

  16. Jennifer @ Glinda Quilts says:

    Girly swot here! Please don’t hate me 😀
    I love making labels … I hand make one especially for every quilt from leftover scraps from the quilt top – I name the quilt, write a greeting, sign and date it, quilt it and handstitch for extra strength. In my defence, I made one for my first quilt 3 years ago because I thought everyone did them and now I can’t stop … Help!!

  17. Sondra says:

    Melissa!!!!!!!!!! GET LABELS ON YOUR QUILTS!!!!!!!!!! At least from now on! I am totally with Crista and Shanna! I am sending the Label Police after you!!!!!! LOL!
    Please do this!

  18. Katy says:

    Over a year ago I ordered label samples from Spoonflower. I still haven’t ordered the yardage of it, but I did finally remember to add one to the quilt I sent off for the comp!

  19. Susan says:

    Not the only one, no. I’ve been known to take my permanent ink pen and write the recipient, date and my name either on the back of the binding, or on the fabric next to it. =)

  20. Pat V. says:

    No, you are not the only one. I have put labels on the quilts I’ve gifted, but not the ones in my house. It’s on my to do list… There are only four of them, guess I’m just a procrastinator.

  21. Nancy Angerer says:

    You are not alone. Actually I just didn’t think of doing it and had never heard of labels when I first started making quilts in the 1970’s. I guess I should go back and make labels for our daughters and our grandchildren. But I have no idea about all the baby quilts that I have made. I have made labels for the last 3 quilts that I made so I’m doing better:) Would it also be a good idea to record the history of the old quilts that I have for the family? As I said, this idea of labeling is new to me.

  22. I’m terrible too BUT I have been making a strong effort to get my quilts labeled now…

  23. Annabella says:

    Haha – no you’re not alone. Sometimes I do but usually I don’t for exactly the same reason. I ‘m too in a rush! Popping over from Let’s Get Aquainted to say ‘hi’ 🙂

  24. Beth says:

    I haven’t been quilting as long as you but I have also never put a label on a quilt – hm . . .

  25. boo McCready says:

    I have never labeled a quilt. I really don’t know where to start as silly as that sounds. I’d like them to be as cute as the quilts so just slapping something together doesn’t seem right. I’d like to label them so maybe your tutorial will help me get started!

  26. Cynthia T. says:

    You will appreciate your friends in time. I have only been quilting for about 5 years but I have put a label on everything so far.

    I have been sewing since I was twelve and let’s just say…I have two young adults in college….so it’s been a long time. I have never labeled anything or taken many pictures…It would be fun to have an album of my work.

    You are young- there is time to mend your ways. Enjoy your time-out. Have fun trying to explain to your little one! Haha!

  27. Michele W says:

    I am so happy to hear you are finally going to label your quilts. I was trying to remember the first quilt I labeled with the technique you are going to share and it was definitely a baby quilt I made about 14 years ago. That quilt is the most loved quilt and the young man who has the quilt still loves it!

  28. Totally guilty for the most part. It’s either all or nothing. I was better at it before and now I don’t even write down the size or date or anything unless I happen to include details in my blog I’m lost. On a fast track and not taking the time because I’m just happy it’s done and ready to move on.

  29. CeLynn says:

    Hit and miss here,but the misses are getting fewer 🙂 Maybe when you have a some labels on you will get off for good behavior 😉

  30. Carolyn Goddard says:

    What a great post. I am so glad you are now putting labels on your beautiful quilts. I have a friend that I am trying to talk into labeling her quilts since they mostly go to family. I must admit I really dont like doing it but I grit my teeth and do it and glad I do after it is done. I even put labels on some special table toppers. If it is a baby quilt I
    make a envelope type pillowcase for it to fit in and put the label on the inside of the pillow case. I think it is so important for history sake. You go girl and get of early for good behavior. You know you need fabric.

  31. Gladys says:

    Wow! Allow me to share the corner with you? I also do the labels! The only one that I made was my first quilt 4 years ago and because I gave it. The rest of my quilts are hanging in my house… and none has tag! I do them! And I share their pain by not purchasing fabrics! A hug from another quilter-no-label!

  32. Lisa C says:

    Thanks for the cute post. I took a My First Quilt Class when I first started quilting almost two years ago. The teacher was big into labels. I bought some simple labels with just my name and the year on them. I can sew them across the corner on the back of the quilt as I sew the binding on. It’s not a perfect label but it’s something. I really like the ones with washing instructions because so many people ask me how to wash their quilts.

  33. Andrea says:

    I am much better now – since I’ve ordered cute labels to make it easy. But not all items get a label 🙁

  34. Kirsten says:

    I don’t usually put labels on my quilts either – I have a few quilts that I have given to family members that I really need to go back and add a label to. Thanks for linking up this week.

  35. Sarah says:

    Oh we’re so similar! History major, teacher, quilting for 12 years, have hardly labelled a quilt! I have put labels on those I gave away as special occasion gifts, but nothing else. I hate the thought of hand sewing AFTER I’ve finished!

  36. usairdoll says:

    WoW! Three hours alone? That doesn’t sound too bad, just the not buying any fabric is the tough spot, hehe. I do label my quilts, runners and wallhangings. I actually embroider my labels. I’m glad you are adding labels now. One of the teachers at my LQS collects antique quilts and brings them in to share with us. We always say that it would be wonderful to know who made the quilt, when and other info. You make such beautiful quilts, there’s no doubt that they will be around for many generations and what a great way to share with future family alittle about you and what you made. Looking forward to your tutorial as I want to try different ways to label. It does take a bit of time to embroider each label, hehe.


  37. Lina says:

    I’ll defo join you in your grounded state. I too have never labled a quilt. Now I havent made as many as you so maybe it should be easier to catch up, however I have given most away = hard to lable this late. I try to put my little label on my work but even forget that from time to time. They dont show any date of the craft though. Looking forward to your tutorial when I catch up a bit more on blog posts. 😉

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