Christmas Quilt

I had really hoped this year that I would be finishing my Vintage Christmas Sampler which is now going on 1.5 years of being worked on, but alas, that did not happen. I do, however, have a different quilt to show you.

This is a quilt that I made for my mom 4.5 years ago for Mother’s Day. It is the first quilt I ever made for her, though I do have 2 tops currently in progress that will be hers. I followed the directions from the Log Cabin In A Day book by Eleanor Burns.

The only quilting that I did was stitch in the ditch around the borders, the rest of it was tied. I love the idea of an old fashioned tied quilt.

The reason I am showing you pictures of this quilt today is that we brought down all of our Christmas decorations this weekend and set up our tree, the quilt was in one of the boxes. Here’s a look at our tree.

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9 Responses to Christmas Quilt

  1. Lisa L. says:

    Love the quilt! I have yet to try a tie quilt. On my list for sure! 🙂 OH… and pretty tree and lights!

  2. CeLynn says:

    When I first started making quilts,they were all tied. That is the only way my mom and grandma finished their quilts. Your mom’s quilt is beautiful,what a special Christmas treasure 🙂 Love your tree in front of the window.

  3. Connie says:

    Beautiful quilt Melissa and I’m sure your mom will love it. Funny, the only hand-quilted large quilt I ever did was Eleanor Burns Log Cabin, I remember it took me a year to hand-quilt and I decided I was going to learn machine quilting. My quilt is so old that the colors of red and teal are back in style! Thanks for sharing.
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  4. Snoodles says:

    Your tree and your quilt are both lovely! Merry Christmas, sweetie!

  5. Vicki says:

    Love the quilt Melissa! I haven’t made a Christmas quilt yet but I did make a tree skirt a couple years ago. We still don’t have a tree up. Yikes!

  6. Susan says:

    I love the way your white print makes the design … what do they call that when things move and shake? Well, that. LOL I made my first log cabin when she came out with the first edition of that book. I still have it, in it’s brown cardstock cover with a comb binding! I’ve made many over the years. Every time I piece one of those blocks, I hear her voice in my head … first up, second down. =) Your mom is lucky.

  7. Katy @ Lolly Linens says:

    This is beautiful! I found a quilt top at a thrift store for $8, I can’t wait to put the back on it.

  8. Beautiful – thanks for sharing. Joining from Shine on Friday-

  9. Wow, Melissa what a wonderful and thoughtful gift. I still have the quilt my great grandmother made for me (I’m actually snuggling in it now) 0and I cherish it!

    Loved seeing this at the special link party supporting Sandy Hook last week. Hope you’ll come to The Humble Brag link party today to see some features from last week and link up some more cool projects. Happy Friday!

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