Easy Dresden Ruler Review and Mini Tute

Dresden Plates are hugely popular right now across the blogosphere. Everywhere you look you will find a Dresden Plate. The first one I ever made was on Jenna from Sew Happy Geek’s QAL. I really loved how it turned out and thought it would be great to try a few more projects with them.  During the giveaway from Fat Quarter Shop last month I asked everyone what notion they wanted to try most and one of the top listed was the Easy Dresden Ruler.

The Easy Dresden Ruler is another ruler designed by Darlene Zimmerman and can I just say that she knows what she is doing! You may remember she is also the person who designed the Tri-Recs Rulers that I loved so much!

The ruler comes with cutting instructions and for the standard Dresden Plate. Like this Big Fat Dresden by Lily’s Quilts:

Big Fat Dresden by Lily's Quilts

The cutting instructions help you cut wedges 2″ all the way up to 8″ at 1/2″ intervals.

There are also included instructions for Dresden Fans, here is the one I made following Jenna’s tutorial for the Sew. Happy. Quilt.

The included instructions again are for wedges 2″ all the way up to 8″ at 1/2″ intervals. The block size is 1/2 the finished size of the wedge plates.

Also included, a pattern for a quilt, and then 5 different suggested projects without measurements or instructions.  There is also a guide for cutting rounded tops on the edges. There is an image for a tumbler quilt and that is where I got the inspiration for my Flock Quilt that I made for Anne last week and finished quilting Tuesday.

This is the epitome of a mini tutorial, sorry about that, but I didn’t take any pictures, luckily it is so easy you do not really need them!

  1. You will need five 1/4 yard cuts of your favorite fabric – I used Flock by Thomas Kanuer and 3/4″ yard of a coordinating solid – I used Bella Porcelain.
  2. From each 1/4 yard, cut twelve 8″ wedges using the Easy Dresden Ruler.
  3. From the solid cut two 5.5″ by WOF strips and four 3.5″ by WOF strips.
  4. Each tumbler row is 20 wedges sewn randomly together – make 3 tumbler rows – press seams open.
  5. Assemble your top – use image as a guide
  6. You will need approximately 1.25 yards for a backing and I used a crib size batting. I haven’t bound it yet, but I will be purchasing 1/2″ yard of fabric for the binding.

Easy Peasy!

Things I like:

  • The instructions are very clear and complete with lots of suggested projects
  • Block sizes for the wedge plates – 8″ to 20″ and block sizes for the fan plates – 4″ to 10″. Making the tool incredibly versatile!
  • Free pattern included – it is a small wall hanging size pattern and is perfect to really learn the technique
  • When using it for tumblers it would be great for quilts and borders alike

Area’s for Improvement:

  • The circle center and rounded top stencils do not come with instructions explaining resizing for different sized wedges. This is something that could use improvement.

Final Thoughts:

The Easy Dresden Ruler is worth every penny. I see lots of projects in my future utilizing this tool.  Do you have this ruler?  Do you like it? If not, you can purchase one from Fat Quarter Shop. I would love to know if you make Anne’s new Flock Quilt!

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway from Fat Quarter Shop to win one of two Flock Fat Quarter Bundles!




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12 Responses to Easy Dresden Ruler Review and Mini Tute

  1. patti krueger says:

    I have a dresden ruler but haven’t used it much. I love the tumbler quilt, could be my next project. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Connie says:

    Great review and tutorial Melissa! I have this ruler and love it but never thought of using it to make wedges the way you did, thanks so much for sharing this! What a sweet quilt!

  3. Katy says:

    Great review, thanks! I’ve not really seen the versatile uses for one of these before, but I can definitely see a range of options now…

  4. Susan says:

    I haven’t bought the ruler, though I do think the tri-recs is great, so I don’t know why I haven’t. Though I have a couple of 40s Dresden Plate quilts that came my way, so maybe that’s why. I do like your design. I’m such a linear thinker that I would only have seen the traditional possibilities, but now I see others, thanks to you!

  5. Jacque says:

    Cute snuggle quilt for Anne! I love this ruler, and would love to have one. Hmmm, where did that shopping list for Santa go? LOL

  6. Lyanna L. says:

    First off – love the tutorial – might need to buy one of those for myself one of these days. Also I gave you the Liebster Award on my blog…I might have fudged the rules on the whole 200 followers thing but I figure since you are loosing GFC anyway who knows how many followers you have right? And you’re awesome. So you totally deserve an award (for more than one reason)

  7. Lisa L. says:

    I guess I am going to have to give in and try the Dresden thing! This is so pretty!!

  8. Jessica says:

    Great read, I need a new toy now! 😛

  9. Ivy B. says:

    Anne’s quilt turned out BEAUTIFULLY!! I LOVE it! So fun to see pictures. Awesome fabric choice. Inspires me to finally finish piecing Zoe’s zig zag quilt 🙂

  10. Mishka says:

    I have this ruler and can’t wait to use it. I love what you made with it.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I have this dresden ruler. It is the best thing that I have found so far, and am hooked on making dresden quilts, table toppers, wall hangings, pot holders, and etc. It is the best by far. But I agree with you when you said it needed some resizing to the circular stencils I have found. But I still love them!

  12. LINDA says:


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