Colonial Needle Review and Giveaway!


Welcome to my day of the Colonial Needle Blog Hop – to see the rest of the schedule please go visit my post here and to read more about it please to visit Lily Pad Quilting! If this is your first time to my blog, welcome!

I have absolutely loved working with Colonial Needle’s products the past month! I have had a lot of handwork to get done lately, sewing down quilt bindings, burying threads and some hand quilting. This hop couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time!

The product was most interested in test driving was the Colonial Needle Pebbles.

These are handy little needle carrying cases with an assortment of different types of needles inside. Each Pebble has a different assortment of needles: quilting, beading, household, tapestry, etc.  I immediately opened the Quilting Pebble and got straight to work – here is a close up of some of the stitching I did on my mom’s mother’s day gift.

Sewing with the Pebbles was smooth and easy. They were not overly flexible, I didn’t break a single needle (yeah, I’ve done that…), and they just glided right through all three layers. Love Love Love.  The only thing that was hard for me was getting the needle out of the Pebble, but my hands don’t always like to cooperate with me (the doctors are working on that).  One of the things I liked best, was that I could just throw the entire case into my sewing bag and I didn’t have to worry about my needles getting loose and free ranging in my bag. It was nice to be able to reach in without fear of stabbing myself with a rogue needle (yup, done that more than once!).  I also like that the Quilting Pebble contained 16 different needles ranging in size and length – this meant I always had the right needle when I was working. Can’t get better than that.

Now, I don’t want you to think that Colonial Needle just makes needles, oh no, they make way more than just needles. In the package of products I received from Lily Pad Quilting there were the following products: Safety Pins, Snap Fasteners, Magnets, Stitch Rippers, Measuring Tapes, and Hooks & Bars, AND that was just a sampling of their products! Please visit their website to see their huge assortment of tools that every sewist needs.

I promised a giveaway in the title, didn’t I? Well how about 2 prize packs of assorted Colonial Needle products, each one will include a Pebble Set and a set of their regular needles as well. Then there will be an assortment of all the tools that were in my package. How does that sound? Need a picture to make sure you want in on the goodies…

Each prize pack will include one of everything pictured above (though the needles may be a different type) and possibly more…depends on how much I can fit in the boxes I get!

How can you enter?

1. Be a follower (old or new) and tell me how you follow – there are so many ways to do it in my sidebar!
2. Alert the media – blog, facebook, or tweet about this giveaway – come back and give me the link.

You will have from today, April 19th through Wednesday April 25th (9pm Pacific time) to enter and I will announce the winner on April 26th.  Good luck!


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    I follow you by email. Those pebbles do look like a really good idea. I am usually bringing a pin cushion or some pins in a piece of fabric. Ouch and they get lost pretty easily.

  30. Lisa Marie says:

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