2 More Finishes!

Well, I am calling one of these a finish, but it still needs to be quilted. I completed my first ever Quilt-A-Long! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have actually finished it AND finished it in time.

I would like to start with a huge thank you to Jenna from SewHappyGeek, for designing such a gorgeous quilt and having amazingly easy to follow tutorials. She is so talented! If you aren’t already following her blog you really should! My second thank you is to my dear friend Dawn, who surprised me with the gift of Rendezvous in November – my favorite fabric line from this winter. As you can see, it makes a gorgeous quilt!

(As a side note, I finished the top last Friday and I’m super glad I took pictures that day because since then we have had nothing but rain and snow here!)

I have one more finish to share…my first ever APRON! And…it is my own design!

I am calling this the “Desert Daydreams Apron”. The fabrics are designed by Khristian Howell (who also designed Rendezvous – yes I love her fabrics!). Julie from Intrepid Thread sent me a fat quarter bundle of Desert Daydreams in Santa Fe Sky and this is what I came up with. Do you like it?!? If so, make sure you are signed up to receive Julie’s newsletter, it goes out tomorrow and my tutorial for the apron will be in there (you can sign up from the Intrepid Thread Blog)!

In case you are wondering, this is how I keep myself out of trouble…it helps that Anne has been taking 3 hour long naps lately! I am really going to miss nap time when it goes away, which everyone keeps telling me is going to happen any day now.

Are you keeping busy and out of trouble?


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13 Responses to 2 More Finishes!

  1. Lisa L. says:

    I wish nap time never went away!! I love your finishes and cannot wait to see the apron tutorial! 🙂

  2. Connie says:

    Your quilt top is beautiful and congrats on your first QAL! Love your apron and can’t wait to get Julie’s newsletter!

  3. Oh my gosh you look SO adorable!!!

  4. Mrs.Pickles says:

    beautiful quilt top and apron!!

  5. Andrea says:

    So sweet to put your face to your name and blog! Great job, Lady! Love the quilt top and the Rendezvous fabric….she’s (KH) one of my favs as well. Such a cute apron too!
    Ah yes…naps do come to an end…sign…they do so much to preserve our motherly (or grandmotherly – as my case may be!) sanity and our life-giving creativity!

    I have one question….what color of which fabric did you use for the border?

  6. Katy says:

    Love your Rendezvous SHQ, and cute apron!

  7. EllyD says:

    Cute apron 🙂 congratulations on your finish 🙂

  8. Terri says:

    i love the colors on your quilt!

  9. Dawn says:

    Your quilt top turned out really great! Luv those fabrics even more now that they are put together. And didn’t think that was possible. lol What size did this turn out to be? Hmmmm…..I think I meant to ask and forgot.

    Very cute apron, too! And you look adorable in it. 🙂

  10. Barb N says:

    The quilt top is great – love all the colors and blocks. Going over to sign up so I can see your tutorial tomorrow.

  11. sueann w from richmond says:

    Oh I wish I could get as much done as you do……and I don’t have small children around any more. (Unless you count mini dachshunds and a worrying husband) I fell in November on black ice and I’m in the middle (literally) of a long rehab. I tore my quadriceps tendon. Do you know how heavy a full leg cast is???????? Over 10 pounds on someone as big as I am. I am now in a much lighter brace and I can finally sew for short periods of time. My heart and head are in a much better place now. Keep inspiring please!

  12. Samantha says:

    Love the quilt top and the apron! I am thinking I should make a couple of aprons for my daughter. She loves to bake and is always complaining she needs one.

    Anne must be growing. My kids would take long naps when they were having a growing spurt. I used to just sit and read and soak in the silence… 🙂

  13. Photina says:

    I love your quilt top! And the apron is really cute too.

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