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Superior ThreadsThe Bottom Line

(Full Disclosure: Superior Threads provided me with samples of their threads and needles – the thoughts and opinions presented are my own)

I was first introduced to The Bottom Line by Superior Threads at a quilting shop in Idaho. I was looking for thread to quilt my Fancy Flocks quilt, I had already found the perfect thread for the top and I was looking for a bobbin thread. I wanted something that would blend to the point of being virtually invisible but really strong.  I was shown a couple of quilting examples using The Bottom Line and I was sold. I purchased one spool to quilt Fancy Flocks in and didn’t think about it again.

As I’m hoping you can see, or not see as the case may be, the design of the quilting is there – the chevrons, but you can’t really see the thread it just blends in so perfectly. Exactly the look I was hoping to accomplish!

Later when Superior Threads asked me what I would like to review I suggested The Bottom Line because I wanted to see how it would look used throughout an entire quilt. On their website The Bottom Line is advertised as a quilting, embroidery, bobbin, binding, and applique thread. It is a 60-wt Polyester Thread and comes in 55 colors.

I knew exactly what project I wanted to use The Bottom Line in – Monkey Business – a quilt I designed for my nephew.

As always before starting a new project, I cleaned out my machine, then I referred to the Home Machine Thread Reference Guide – option 3. I wanted to make sure that I was sewing under optimal conditions. For The Bottom Line the guide suggests a 70/10 or 80/12 needle with a tension of 2.0 to 3.0. I put in an 80/12 needle, set my tension to 2.0 and got started.  I decided to do meandering FMQ on this quilt (and I should mention that this was the FIRST TIME I did FMQ on this machine and only my second time ever!).

The first thing I noticed was that I needed to change my needle, I needed a 70/10 – the 80/12 was simply too large for such a fine thread and it kept breaking. The second thing I noticed was that I needed to go all the way to a 3.0 on my tension setting.  After these two steps – smooth sailing.

As you can see The Bottom Line thread blends beautifully and almost shimmers against the fabric – I purposefully selected a color that would stand out on most of the fabrics as a design detail.

Things I Liked:

  • As a bobbin thread – The Bottom Line blends beautifully into your project – if you are going for a matching seamless look, this is the thread for you
  • As a bobbin thread – there was not a single break (I was using an 80/12 needle when I quilted Fancy Flocks and a cotton top thread)
  • There was no lint AT ALL – I did not have to clean out my machine when I was finished with either project – this is extremely rare with the threads that I typically use.
  • When using it in the top and the bobbin I love how it stands out and shimmers – the quilting becomes an important design feature of the quilt
  • Readily available at your local quilt ship – as I said the first time I used The Bottom Line was when I purchased it at a local shop in Idaho (I was on vacation). Being able to buy it in stores helps because I can match my colors perfectly!
  • The Bottom Line comes in 55 colors and in 3 different spool sizes – having such a range available is fabulous.
  • Education – not only is the Home Machine Thread Reference Guide available to help you get started with the right needle and tension settings, but there are also videos available to help you learn.


  • Start with the smaller needle size (70/10) when using it in the top and bobbin. When using it in the bobbin go with the needle size you need for your top thread.
  • The 70/10 needle was hard for me to find in local quilt shops – at least the Superior Brand – I will be purchasing these in March at the Puyallup Sew Expo direct from the Superior Threads Booth.
  • Watch the video on The Bottom Line Thread – educating yourself about something you purchased is the smart thing to do. You wouldn’t buy a new washer and dryer without reading the instruction manual, so why would you do that with thread?
  • If you want to try out the thread but are not really sure if you will like it – try out the “Try Me Specials” that Superior offers – it is a great way to try out a new thread and see if it is something that you will want to use in the future.

I have no improvements to offer Superior Threads – except maybe to remove the recommendation of an 80/12 needle – from my experience that was just too large of a needle size when using it in the top and bobbin.  The Bottom Line is a durable thread which offers an additional quality of being beautiful. It adds great design detailing when quilting and it will not gunk up your machine with lint (one of my favorite features of this particular line).

Have you used The Bottom Line? If so, what types of projects have you used it on?

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14 Responses to Superior Threads – The Bottom Line Review

  1. christina says:

    that monkey quilt is amazing! how are you?

  2. Samantha says:

    Thanks for the thread review. I’ve been sewing and making quilts for years and years and I’ve always just grabbed Coats and Clark thread as it is easy to find but I am really enjoying trying new threads as I see reviews for them. I’ll definately be trying some of this thread after your review.

    That quilt is downright adoreable!

  3. Mary says:

    I really love Superior Threads products. I use the Bottom Line in a lot of my general sewing too.

  4. Lisa L. says:

    I m going to have to try this thread on my next project for sure! 🙂 Love Monkey Business!

  5. Danielle says:

    I love Bottom Line when I’m quilting feathers or something where I have to backtrack. It’s so fine that it doesn’t look “thready.” Also, if your stitches aren’t perfect, it doesn’t really show!

  6. Katy says:

    I’ve not tried this thread, as it appears not to have made it to UK sewing shops yet! Guttermans is the main one here, followed by Coats and Clark, but I’d be prepared to give it a go 🙂

  7. JoanieinNC says:

    Great and timely review. I have heard so much about Superior’s Bottom Thread that I ordered it online from Red Rock Threads last week. I haven’t used it yet but I am planning to use it for a large free motion quilting project – king size Irish Chain. I will have to come back and reread your blog about the best usage of it. Happy to hear you were more than satisfied with the thread.

  8. Kim West says:

    I use bottom line in both top and bottom when I piece quilts not only does it not cause lint buildup, it virtually eliminates having to adjust your seam allowance for the thickness of the thread. I know where my “sweet spot” on my machine is without having to test (I will also have to confess, I use almost exclusively Moda fabrics too and will test when I am not using them)

  9. Jacque says:

    I love, love Superior Threads! I reviewed them a while back, and I don’t want to use anything else! They’re the best!
    Your Monkey Business quilt is adorable!

  10. Huh. I purchased this thread when it was recommended and got several colors, but I haven’t liked it. I’m going to try using a smaller needle . . . maybe that’s my problem. I have trouble getting the tension right with it. I’ve used it for top-stitching applique and it hasn’t worked well for me. I’m not sure if I’ve tried it for quilting or not. Will have to try it again with a smaller needle. I know people really like it, and I’m not disagreeing. I’m just saying I haven’t had a good experience with it so far.

  11. Jennifer Dancy says:

    I use ONLY Superior and Aurifil threads – I use Aurifil for my piecing, and Superior for everything else – quilting, sewing clothing and projects, machine and hand applique…. There is nothing better! I have never had a single issue with their products, and I know the owners are trying hard to provide a fantastic product. I LOVE all of the information I can get from their website, and their monthly e-mail newsletters are always informative and fun! I am also a fan of Masterpiece and their Kimono silks!

  12. mammafairy says:

    Oh yes, I would use my new washer/dryer without looking at the instruction manual! I tend to feel, if it is so difficult I need the instructions, it is badly designed!
    Now my sewing machine, yes, I read the manual!

  13. Connie says:

    I love Bottom Line Thread! I use a lot of the neutral colors for piecing and quilting. It is really nice for piecing as you don’t get any added bulk. I do lower my tension when using it, my old 1951 Singer does well with it. I have quilted several quilts using it and it almost disappears!

  14. Mishka says:

    Interesting observation Melissa. I’ve never had a thread break because of a needle being too large, it’s always the other way. I’ll have to remember that in the future.

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