Valentine’s Day Showcase – Connie from Quilting by the River

Welcome to day 2 of the Valentine’s Day Showcase!

Today Connie, from Quilting by the River, has an amazing tutorial for a Valentine’s Day table runner – change the fabrics and this will work for any time of year! Before the tutorial, let’s get to know Connie a little:

1. What got you hooked on your craft of choice? When I was about 16 I had a girlfriend whose mother was always cutting small squares of fabric and making quilts. Every time I went over there I was fascinated by what she was doing and I soon started cutting up scraps and making 9 patch blocks. My first quilt was hand tied with a blanket inside and flannel on the back. Over the years I have switched to painting, digital scrap-booking, counted cross-stitch but I always come back to quilting!

2. What lights your crafting fire (ie. what keeps you crafting, why do you do it?)? I love working with fabrics and the challenge of putting the right colors and prints together to make something special. Quilting the piece can also give it an entirely different look. I also love looking and adding to my beautiful stash!

3. What is your favorite Valentine’s themed junk food? My favorite Valentines’ treat is Hershey Kisses, they melt in your mouth!

And now – Connie – Take it Away

Hi, I’m Connie from Quilting by the River and I’m going to show you how to make a string pieced runner that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Thanks so much Melissa for inviting me to be part of the Valentine’s Day Showcase!
The first thing you want to do is find a helper…..who will help you pick the string pieces to use in your blocks. Simon loves to help out!
The blocks in the runner are made from 4 inch squares of strings. I like to start with a 8 inch piece of paper from a telephone book and make a 8 inch block. I used strips varying in size from 1 inch to 2.5 inches.

Start in the middle and put one strip right side up with another right side down on top of it and stitch. I have a couple used needles that I save for using on paper; use a small stitch so it will be easy to tear off the paper when you are done.

Continue adding strips until you cover the entire piece.
I like to starch the block, then flip over and trim it to the edges of the paper.
Finished 8 inch block.
Now I cut the block as shown into 4 pieces.
You could just make 4 inch blocks but I prefer to do it this way.
  • Make 4 – 8 inch blocks
  • Cut into 16 – 4 inch blocks (you will have 2 blocks left over)
  • Take 2 of the blocks and cut them diagonally for your ends
Sew your blocks together as shown.
When I took a picture of the blocks pieced together I noticed how the white in this block was distracting.
I removed it and added a different block…..much better.
Next add a 1.5 inch border.
Then add a 3 inch border.
I used Warm & Natural batting, did some stipple quilting in the center and a free motion leaf on the border. The binding is 2.5 inch strips that I sewed to the right side of the runner, then machine stitched it down from the front. The runner finishes at 14 x 36 inches.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make a table runner!


Thanks so much Connie for this wonderful tutorial! I love how versatile it is – change the fabrics and it can work for virtually any time of year! Tomorrow we will have Vicki from Sassy Blog – make sure you stop by to see her creation.

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17 Responses to Valentine’s Day Showcase – Connie from Quilting by the River

  1. Sharon says:

    What a great table runner! Thanks for the tute 🙂

  2. Thanks ! It is great . This is perfect for me to try string blocks ; ;AND it’s pretty !!!!

  3. tubakk says:

    I’m going to have many Valentine table runners after these two weeks, if you continue to post beautiful tutorials like this:-) Funny to see that Connie also have the experience that you see better on a photo than directly. I always use photoes to study the result before joining together the pieces.

  4. Lisa L. says:

    Love your table runner Connie! I am going to try this technique for sure. My favorite is the heart(leaf) quilting on the border. 🙂

  5. Vicki Freeman says:

    What a great table runner, Connie. I love how you made the larger block and then cut it into 4 smaller blocks – how efficient! I’ll be using that great idea in the future. 🙂

  6. Marlene says:

    Love this Connie…I need to make a table runner for my daughter and this will work perfectly. Blessings, Marlene

  7. Terry says:

    Great runner and tutorial Connie…love the runner and your helper, Simon, always does a great job!! ~Terry~

  8. Jacque says:

    Wonderful runner, and such a good tutorial! I love making string blocks…this is such a cute way to use them. Thanks for sharing!

  9. VickiT says:

    Thank you Connie for the great tutorial as always.

  10. KatieQ says:

    I really like the table runner. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  11. Cyn; -) says:

    Wonderful tute, Connie. String piecing is so much fun — I just love the ordered chaos it produces. What a grand idea you have: make a larger block and then sub-cut into 4 pieces! Wowzer… which i had known of this when i was making a bazillion little blocks for OB! lol. Thank you again. Your tute is very clear and your pictures are great!

  12. Cool Table Runner! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Marianne says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Love the colors.

  14. Jodi G. says:

    What a great looking tablerunner. I’ve never made this pattern but it’s one I’ve wanted to try. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  15. Helen LeBrett says:

    Great tutorial!! Love the project: such a pretty table runner!!

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